Book Signing! Introducing the 'ACT DAILY JOURNAL' by Dr. Diana Hill

Join us for a book signing with Dr. Diana Hill, author of the ACT DAILY JOURNAL! Saturday May 8 from 2-4pm at Paradise Found.

Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, or acting in ways that don’t align with your values?
Feeling bogged down by unhelpful thinking, difficult emotions, stress, self-judgement, or unhealthy habits?
Do you long for purpose and meaning?
We all struggle. ACT with compassion can help.

Join us for a book signing with Dr. Diana Hill - Saturday May 8 from 2-4pm

Diana Hill’s first book, ACT DAILY JOURNAL: Get Unstuck and Live Fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, walks you through the 6 core processes of ACT and compassion.

Dr. Diana Hill specializes in evidence-based and compassion-focused approaches to living well. She helps her clients build a values-rich life and unpacks the science of ACT through the cutting-edge podcast Psychologists Off the Clock, online teachings, and her new book ACT DAILY JOURNAL!

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