Special Event! Book Reading & Signing with Day Schildkret

Join us Friday 10/13 for a book reading and signing with Day Schildkret, the renowned artist and author behind the Morning Altars movement! “Schildkret is a gifted artist whose medium is ritual. Learn from him how to deepen your relationship to yourself, your loved ones, time, space, and everything. “~Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD

Ritual Transitions: Honoring Life's Thresholds | Book Reading & Signing
When: Friday, October13th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: Paradise Found, 17 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA
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We are thrilled to bring you a special evening with Day Schildkret, the author and artist behind the international Morning Altars movement. His work resonates deeply with us and we hope you can join us for a book reading and signing. Day will speak on the power of Ritual and honoring life's thresholds, and introduce his latest book Hello, Goodbye: 75 Rituals for Times of Loss, Celebration, and Change.

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes; each transition, whether it's the joy of a child's birth or the pain of a loved one's passing, demands acknowledgment. Rituals are the rhythms and traditions that give us a sense of stability in the face of uncertainty by reminding us that there's always something we can do, say or make that conjures awe, contentment, and gratitude. In his book, Day explores how we can meaningfully embrace, sanctify, and navigate the inevitable ebbs and flows of life.

There will be a talk at 6:30pm, followed by a meet-and-greet and opportunity to get your books signed. Books will be available at Paradise Found, both in shop and online.

Hello, Goodbye: 75 Rituals for Times of Loss, Celebration, and Change
Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual
There will also be an exclusive Morning Altars coloring book, which is available in person only!

Hello, Goodbye | About the Book

"A tender and practical guide for everyday ritual making. An ideal place to start!”
— Casper ter Kuile, author of The Power of Ritual
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“Hello, Goodbye brings relief and beauty from its first pages. It is a balm in the mad rush of this world. Schildkret is a generous guide, inviting us to palpably mark and be fully present in the most tender and powerful moments of what it is to be human. I will always have this book in my life.” ~Heidi Rose Robbins, astrologer and host of the podcast, The Radiance Project

Life has many transitions: A baby is born. A child leaves for college. A marriage. A divorce. A death. We all experience moments of profound change, but what do we do to mark those moments? How do we become mindful of these events and imbue them with purpose and meaning? Could our lives be better, richer, and more resilient if we had more practical resources and rituals to honor, sanctify, and make sense of these transitions?

Offering ways to make these moments special and sacred, Hello, Goodbye teaches you to not fear uncertainty, but instead participate fully and creatively in life's inevitable changes, including: Birth of a child ~ Moving and new homes ~ Divorce ~ Empty nesting ~ Retirement ~ Death anniversary ~ Health crises...

Containing over 75 hands-on ritual instructions, informed by hundreds of interviews, and filled with beautiful illustrations, inspirational story-telling, potent questions, and experienced wisdom, Hello, Goodbye is "certain to become a forever reference and treasured, faithful companion" (Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of Call of the Wild and The Fourth Trimester) for life's many milestones, perfect for those looking to find meaning in change and embrace the transformative thresholds of our lives.

Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual

"In today’s overly virtual landscape, I want my viewers to be enchanted by each altar's capacity to awaken their imagination, their awe, their nuanced eye and deep love and connection with the magic and mystery of our earth."
~Day Schildkret
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"As an artist, my eye is often drawn toward the fallen, and my hands yearn to resurrect and redeem that which is considered valueless.

This has evolved into a daily ritual of foraging local objects that the wild world has discarded to the earth; feathers, leaves, flowers, bones and how, just for a moment, the resurgence of these objects, colors, textures, shapes into a collaboration of proximity can bring forth new forms of beauty and memory.

The practice of building my art is a practice of obeying the place and time I am in. Every object I use is discovered in or around the place I build it.

Every altar I create is informed and governed by forces larger than me: the sun, the wind, the rain, the traveling creatures, the season, the unexpected and unpredictable, etc. It is an honest dialogue between the human and non-human world and an ever-changing conversation with moving pieces."

We hope to see you at 6:30pm on Friday, October 13th at Paradise Found,
for what promises to be an evening to remember.
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