Cold Full Moon in Gemini Meditation & Ritual

Join us this Wednesday, 12/7 from 6pm-7pm for a December Cold Full Moon meditation with Rose DeLos Angeles!

Cold Full Moon in Gemini Meditation & Ritual
Winter Peace and Abundance
When: Wednesday December 7th, 6pm-7pm
Where: Instagram Live on the page of Paradise Found @paradisefoundsb

As we feel this Gemini Full Moon, come in, the twins bring in much needed balance as we go into winter slumber. Yin and Yang, dark and light from the twins bring that balance. The best parts of Gemini are Fun and the Peacemaker for this season. Allow yourself to have fun and celebrate you made it through this year, through all the retrogrades, Eclipse season and all that has gone on in the world, you made it!

The twins will bless us with Peace in all areas of our life & Abundance in all areas of life for the winter, as we go into stillness and slumber.  

In winter we make sure we are stocked up with everything we need for a comfortable winter and peace of mind.

We are still in Sagittarius season with much needed fire for motivation and ambition to keep going. The kid at heart energy to look forward to the holiday season, holiday parties and being with family & friends.

Please note:

If you would like to have any crystals present or light any candles, please do so. Whatever you feel called to have present with you will be charged up with the ritual energy! Suggested crystals for this meditation are angelite, celestite, lepidolite for peace, sunstone, dalmatian Jasper for fun and citrine for abundance.

If you have a list of your heart's desires/intentions, it will be taken up by your Guardian Angel & Cosmic Angels of the Universe up to become manifest.

Artist: @crownandpallette

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