Creative, Courageous & Strong! | Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries

Carnelian | Rediscover your love of life, and ignite courage as you search for your life's purpose. Carnelian is a fire-starter for new beginnings, jump-starting motivation and trust in yourself and your perceptions. Boost your mood and stimulate creativity, to meet life's challenges with strength and vitality!

Orange Calcite | Amplify energy and unblock the lower chakras to release creative, sensual power to pursue your true desires. Shed fear and anxiety like an old snakeskin, enhance focus and rise up fresh and empowered. When you invite the energy of Orange Calcite into your life, get ready to set boundaries like a boss, with renewed self-esteem and peerless courage.

Ruby Zoisite | Ruby Zoisite is a dream team of Spiritual energy that combines the fiery nature of Ruby and the earthy nature of Zoisite. Plant your feet on the ground, and feel your foundation supporting you while you are lit up by the inspired action energy of Aries. Together these powerful stones help to raise vibrations of self-love and acceptance, stimulating positivity and emotional strength.

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