Nurturing Home Crystal Grid

The intention of this crystal grid is to help integrate the realization that our true home lies within. Work with Black Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Pink Mangano Calcite, and Lapis to intentionally nurture a fundamental sense of safety.

Nurturing Home Crystal Grid

Cancer rules the Fourth House of Home Life, which covers all aspects of our domestic lives. It is the house of nesting and nurturing, of childhood and parenting, of our deepest core emotions and beliefs.

One of the Crab's unique abilities is to carry their home on their back. They have a refuge and a home no matter where the currents of life take them. Like a crab, we are born with the ability to retreat within--We can intentionally work to make this inner space feel like home, to nurture ourselves and nourish a fundamental sense of safety and security.

"A cardinal sign, ruled by water and representing the feminine archetype, Cancer takes us back to our roots and to the playgrounds of our past. The values and virtues upon which we are raised shape who we are. Our previous experiences form patterns. In this well acquainted territory, we become adept at safeguarding ourselves and habits are formed from that place inside of us that craves familiarity + connection. At some point we must come to realize that home isn’t always a place. It’s a feeling."

~@tree_of_stars via instagram

The intention of this crystal grid is to help integrate the realization that our true home lies within. These are the crystals we used, starting at the center and working our way outward:

Black Moonstone Palm Stone | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Black Moonstone | Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, and helps to improve inner growth and inner strength. It will also reveal emotions that you may benefit from processing, and guide you through the river current that is human experience. Black Moonstone is particularly good for beginnings, and New Moon rituals. It is also very protective, deflective negative energy, but with a much gentler energy than other protective crystals like Black Tourmaline.

Rose Quartz Crystal| Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Rose Quartz | A stone for those seeking emotional healing and inner peace. Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages self-love, self-trust and self-worth. A soft pink stone of infinite peace, Rose Quartz is especially healing to the emotional body, when you are processing any sort of grief, trauma or crisis, past or present. It invites love vibes into your life and is like a warm, fuzzy hug.

Smoky Quartz Crystal | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Smoky Quartz | Known to filter and cleanse negative energies, Smoky Quartz protects the home from geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog given off by power lines and electronics. Filter bad moods, heavy energy, or stuck-ness. Dissolve blocks towards reaching your personal goals and manifesting your dreams. Soften harsh emotions in the self and from others. Navigate unresolved and unaddressed emotions.

Pink Mangano Calcite | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Pink Calcite | Pink Calcite, or Mangano Calcite, is a powerful crystal for cleansing and amplifying energy. It is also known as a stone of forgiveness and unconditional love. It releases fear and trauma from the past, builds self-acceptance and self-worth. Relieving anxiety and tension, working with Mangano Calcite may prevent nightmares and dissolves resistance to change. Works best when placed on the heart chakra.

Rhodonite | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Rhodonite | A pink nurturing stone of love, Rhodonite balances emotions and dispels anxiety. It brings grace, acceptance, and peace, helping one to achieve their greatest potential, and encourages generosity. This stone stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra; Encourages compassion; eases situations of self-destruction or codependency; heals emotional wounds and scars by promoting relaxation and wellbeing.

Lapis Lazuli crystal | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Lapis | This deep blue stone of protection inspires serenity and inner peace, brings harmony and deep self-knowledge. Lapis Lazuli encourages self-awareness and reveals inner truth, enhancing one's natural qualities of honesty, compassion and morality. This crystal also stimulates objectivity, clarity and creativity. It supports you speaking your truth, and inspires confidence.  In this way, Lapis bonds relationships, aiding in the open and clear expression of feelings, emotions, and boundaries.

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