Crystals for Nurturing Personal Power

Aries brings our awareness to our personal power, and how we direct it. Discover crystals for releasing fear and awakening the higher mind. Find our how to act with enlightened power, drawing on inner guidance and the practice of true presence...

"The astrological tarot correspondent of Aries is the Emperor, who embodies ambition, achievement and power."

Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries, 10/9/2022

Aries brings our awareness to our personal power, and how we direct it. The first stone that comes to mind is Citrine, a golden yellow crystal associated with Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is your center of personal power, of confidence and belief in your Self and your abilities. Unravel guilt, release fear, awaken the higher mind and move forward with optimism. This is enlightened power, an easy openness that encourages you to explore every possible avenue until you find the best solution.

Fire Agate is another spirit helper, that brings grounding and stability to allow for clear-headed decision-making unimpeded by fear. This deep security is the birthplace of compassion and proper use of personal power, because being secure in ourselves leads to clear vision and a more complete perspective of any given situation. This allows for complete presence, and a true response from the heart.

Lemurian Healers or Lemurian Quartz facilitates access to inner- and multi-dimensional states, revitalizing consciousness of our spiritual selves. Complement your inner power with harmonious adjustments of inner guidance and clarity. Piercing illusions of separateness, draw on the power of nondual thinking to perceive reality and behave beautifully, according to universal truths beyond the realm of binary, oppositional structures.

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