Let the light in! Crystals for the New Moon in Scorpio

Under the enigmatic, mysterious sign of Scorpio,
We dive deep into the depths of personal transformation,
Finding passion and purpose,
Regenerating the self in the quest for truth...

Labradorite | A stone of transformation, Labradorite is excellent for developing intuition and promoting psychic ability. It helps to banish fear/insecurity and the strength to persevere through change. Ideal for seeing through illusion, Labradorite instills trust in the universe, enthusiasm for newness, and stimulates the imagination.

Sodalite | The Scorpio New Moon can bring out complicated and powerful emotions. Use Sodalite to navigate these feelings with calm and balance, and avoid overwhelm. Sodalite quiets distracting thoughts, over-thinking and jealous or controlling mental patterns. Draw on Sodalite to express yourself clearly and compassionately!

Smoky Quartz | As a time of intense transformations and rebirth, the New Moon heightens our sensitivities and vulnerabilities...Smoky Quartz has a powerful grounding energy that will help balance these feelings and promote a sense of stability and well-being. This high vibrational crystal is a key element in protection from fear, anger, resentment or anxiety. Let the light in!

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