Cultivate Your Heart-Mind Connection

Stones for when you wish to weave the emotions and the intellect closer together...

Pink Mangano Calcite can be especially helpful for dissolving resistance to change, and bringing in the energies of forgiveness and unconditional love. Carry this stone when you are working on releasing fear and anxiety, and building self-acceptance and self-worth. Works best when placed on the heart chakra.

Kunzite combines intellect, intuition, and inspiration, for the "best of both worlds, " a deep integration of creativity & logical thinking. If you need help clearing emotional debris to free up the emotions, and healing heartache, Kunzite is a powerful helper. Bring more tranquility into your life, and awaken the heart center, producing loving thoughts, and encouraging free expression of feelings. Radiates peace and connects you to unconditional love.

Angelite helps you speak your truth, connect to universal knowledge and raise awareness. This light blue stone is known to have healing properties which bring wholeness and spiritual inspiration. It also increases your natural source of compassion, and acceptance of things that are beyond your control, creating feelings of peace and tranquility.

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