Join the Circle! Embodied Alchemists: 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School | July 2020- July 2021

Join the Circle! Embodied Alchemists: 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School | July 2020- July 2021

We are blessed to have within our community a Priestess who not only embodies this work but also serves as a focalization point for it.

We invite you to explore and see if this is something you would like to take a deep dive into. Sarah Uma, who apprenticed with Ariel Spilsbury for 17 years, will be leading a Circle from July 2020 to July 2021.

This new Circle forming in July promises to be a transformational love and growth experience.

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The 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage

“Love is the central organizing principle of the 13 Moon Path. This lineage implies being able to walk in the world as a vessel of Empty Presence in open-eyed meditation, as heart-centered awareness.This lineage recognizes that all of life is Sacred Theater. We are on the stage of life as conscious beings, so why not make it sacred, so that each action that we take sanctifies life in a song, a dance, a prayer, mudra, poem, etc.In the 13 Moon Lineage we recognize that both personal and collective issues can be lifted and transmuted through the skillful use of a unified alchemical field on the etheric plane, as well as through Earth activism.By stepping onto this 13 Moon Path, you remember the holographic clues that are encoded for you to step into the fullness of who you are as Soul Essence, therefore there is nothing to be "taught". One thing that genuinely makes this lineage unique, is that there is someone to guide, hold a container and shepherd you, but there is no one "teaching" you something. This work is about direct experience of the Mystery.Another unique aspect of this work is the embodied perception that we are already whole, that there is nothing that needs to be fixed or changed. We simply witness each other's inner transformation.”

Elements & Offerings of the Embodied Alchemist Circle:

Archetypal activations of the 13 faces of the Divine FeminineActivations of the Divine Self, Transmuting all Separation & Unifying Beyond Gender Weaving a Golden Web through Ecstatic Mythic PlayEmbodied Experience of Ecstatic Attunement through Movement, Sound & BreathA Focus on Ritual Enactment including in-person events throughout the year held in the hills of Santa BarbaraWays to Embody Myth including a recorded Meditation & Journey each moon Somatic Practices to Create a Shakti-fied expression of ecstatic movement as an embodied archetype

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Meet the Facilitators:

Sarah Uma is devoted to the awakening of human consciousness from its dream of separation, duality, and over-seriousness. She is an Ordained Priestess in the lineage of the 13 Moon Mystery School, she is a Focalizer and elder within this body of work and offers a 13 month initiation Circle called Planetary Priestess 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School now being called Embodied Alchemist. You can find her on facebook @inneralchemymysterium.Greyson Kirby serves as co-focalizer and Priestess in Devotion training within the 13 Moon Circles focalized by Sarah Uma. Deeply devoted to Beauty's Way, she brings a deep capacity to create ceremonial space, channel divine wisdom through mythic storytelling and hold a clear mirror through emptiness. She is a Scent Priestess initiated in the sacred art of anointing and also offers custom watercolor soul charts for individuals incorporating unique symbols, archetypes and color frequencies based on their astrological natal charts.

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