Full Moon in Cancer Tuesday 12/26/23, 4:33 p.m. PT

"Ruled by the Moon herself, Cancer reminds us to slow down, pause, and nourish ourselves. This Full Moon occurs at the end of the year, allowing us to pause, reflect, and release. This Moon is also an opportunity to restore our energy and repair our nervous system as we prepare for a new year." ~Spirit Daughter

I open to my deep bonds with Life.
I welcome the Feminine Divine, and all her nurturing and healing love.
I claim my Spiritual heritage.
I am always Home when I connect within.
~adapted from Carla Mary

Full Moon in Cancer | Tuesday 12/26/23, 4:33 p.m. PT

"The December Full Moon in nurturing Cancer is opposite the Sun in responsible Capricorn. As always, these two signs form the axis of self-connection versus public recognition and validation. Additionally, Cancer and Capricorn split us between nurturing and discipline, home versus work, family versus career, emotional validation versus tough love and boundaries. Since oppositions are particularly difficult for the human mind to integrate, we will likely identify more with one archetype and project the other one onto someone else.

If we find ourselves identifying more with Cancer, we may be stuck in our feelings and our hurt. In some cases, we may have trouble leaving the comfort of our safe personal sphere to experience hardship and discomfort out in the world. Additionally, we may feel hurt by workaholism, social climbing and concern about external appearances, and emotional coldness in others. Alternatively, if we identify more naturally with Capricorn, we may be more aligned with ambition, hard work, and denying our feelings for the sake of achieving our goals. Also, we feel irritated by bottomless emotion, “weakness,” immaturity, and dependency in others."


The Chariot card from the Rider Tarot Deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith

"The sign of Cancer corresponds with the Chariot in the Tarot. In this card a figure drives a chariot pulled by a pair of Sphinxes (the animal may vary depending on which deck you are using), one white and one black. Like the Charioteer, Cancer’s focus is on setting the course and plotting the next destination. In this Full Moon we may be filled with conflicting emotions, passions and instincts and like the Chariot, we must learn how to direct it. We must steer a careful line between their opposing natures, represented by the two sphinxes, and the crab’s soft interior and its hard shell."


"Ruled by the Moon herself, Cancer reminds us to slow down, pause, and nourish ourselves. This Full Moon occurs at the end of the year, allowing us to pause, reflect, and release. This Moon is also an opportunity to restore our energy and repair our nervous system as we prepare for a new year. Cancer is a water sign, and like all water signs, this energy encourages us to feel. It heightens our emotions and asks us to become vulnerable enough to explore our deeper waters. Cancer classically is the sign of the crab and reminds us that we each have a unique shell. This shell protects us from the outside world while keeping our feelings close to our hearts. It serves the essential function of keeping our subjective world contained until we are ready to share it with others. Without a shell, we spill our energy into the world without direction or meaning. Shells serve as boundaries but also restrict us. Every so often, we must break our old shell and grow into a new one. The Cancer Full Moon is the time to leave your old shell behind and form a new one capable of holding space to evolve into higher frequencies."

~Spirit Daughter

Tranquil Sea Energy for the Full Moon in Cancer

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."
~Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese poet, 1883-1931
"He that will learn to pray, let him go to sea."
~George Herbert, British poet, 1593-1633

Cancer, a water sign, is known for diving deep into the emotional realm, and using its water-like moods to take negative energies and transform them into soft ripples of positivity. Here are three crystals for cultivating this helpful energy, working with the deepest emotions and embodying the peacefulness of a tranquil bay, or the shimmering sea at dawn...

Tanzanite | This periwinkle-blue crystal soothes and promotes emotional well-being and inner harmony. Gently calms the mind, relieving stress, facilitating higher consciousness and stimulating intuition and perception. Tanzanite earrings | Browse multiple designs in-shop only

Blue Topaz | This sparkling clear blue stone, known as the Bridge Builder crystal, is associated with compassionate communication and forgiveness. Helpful for relaxing the spirit and the body, channeling inner wisdom, fostering a sense of strength and connection to others.  Blue Topaz earrings | Browse multiple designs in-shop only

Pearl | The luminous beauty of Pearl is intimately connected with the water element of Cancer. These glimmering gemstones formed around the initiatory 'spark' of an errant sand-grain, have come to be seen as a symbol of purity and heartfelt sincerity. Wear pearls to support truthfulness, wisdom, and the layered, previous joys that comes when you have the courage to live from the heart." Pearl earrings | Browse multiple designs in-shop only

Raise your vibrations and power your rituals with sacred stones from around the world.
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Coming Out of the Cave & Reflecting on the Past Year

Click here to read the full article by our intuitive reader and contributor, Kris Seraphine.

"This year has had some dark moments, no doubt. 

However, for this moment, as the full moon is lighting up our sky, let’s allow her to illuminate the reflections of our psyche.

I’d love to share with you one of my favorite myths for this post-Solstice and Yule, the liminal time before the turning of the wheel of the year.


One of the most powerful solar goddesses, Amaterasu, has dominated Japanese Shinto belief for centuries. (Other sun goddesses across the globe include Saule/Baltic, Sulis/Celtic Roman, Cybele/Mediterranean, and Sekhmet/Egyptian)

Her shrine was first built in Ise in the 7th century AD and is rebuilt every 21 years in the same spot, in exactly the same form.

A short version of her myth: 

She is born of the primordial couple and is so bright that they place her in the sky as the Sun.

Amaterasu’s brother, the god of war, goes on a destructive rampage where he desecrates her quarters with his excrement.

As she looks down at the havoc, horrified, her brother pierces her with a spindle shaft. The metaphor of a spindle penetrating her represents the violation of rape.

Amaterasu retreats to a cave to hide out of shame, disgust and fear.

Her absence makes the world dark and cold, funereal. To woo her out of her cave, 800 deities decorate a tree with jewels, ribbons and mirrors and place it at the mouth of the cave, along with a large copper mirror fashioned by the smith goddess.

The shaman named no-Uzume, goddess of jollity, then performs a dance intended to restore the earth’s fundamental energies. As the dance of the shaman grows more frenetic, she begins to undress and make jokes. In some myths she has the body of an old wrinkled woman who jiggles around her deflated breasts and stretches open her crinkly, ages old yoni!

The gods begin laughing so loudly that Amaterasu comes out of the cave to see what is going on. She catches her reflection in the copper mirror and is dazzled by her own radiance.

Amaterasu returns to the world, brings back the light and banishes her brother. 

This myth is potent with meaning for how we can reflect on the ways we hide our light from the world during times of distress and trauma … and how to emerge back into the light in ways that feel safe for us.

Journal Exploration: Shine On

The following journal prompts will help you bring aspects of yourself into the light that you may have been holding back.

What is keeping you from shining like the sun? Is it fear? Feelings of uncertainty or doubt? Do you fear outshining others that you love and respect? (This is super common by the way.)

What are the healing roles of beauty and humor in your life? What can you do to cultivate them and bring you out of your dark moments?

Reflect on reflections: how seeing your beauty reflected back to you makes you want to shine more.

Who can play the role of the magic mirror in your life? 

Who are those people you can count on to see your greatness, light and beauty... even in the midst of difficulties and darkness?

Who will mirror your shine without resentment, jealousy or reservation?"

Go to the full article for a Breathwork Meditation for Connecting with Amaterasu, and a Body Prayer to Embody the Energy of Amaterasu.
This article was taken from Chapter 5: Shining Your Light, from Kris’ book Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating A Magical Livelihood.

Yule Tree Blessing

By the powers of earth, I bless this tree,
that it shall remain sacred, a symbol of life,
stable and strong in our home throughout the Yule season.

By the powers of air, I bless this tree,
as the cool winter winds blow awar the baggage of the old year,
and we welcome the brightness of the new into our hearts and home.

By the powers of fire, I bless this tree,
as the days have gotten shorter, and the nights grown dark,
yet the warmth of the sun is returning, bringing with it life.

By the powers of water, I bless this tree,
a gift I give, that it may stay bright and green for us a bit longer,
so that we can enjoy the harmony and peace of Yule.

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