Full Moon in Sagittarius - Tuesday 6/14/2022 at 4:52am

Sagittarius is the visionary truth-seeker. Learn about the significance of this week's Full Moon in Sagittarius; Work with crystals for emotional stability and creative expression; Find out more about Midsummer celebrations around the world and how to deepen your own connection to the divine energies all around us.

I approach life with a healthy optimism
I am broadening my perspective, and expanding my horizons
I am taking a philosophical look at the future
I trust that I am supported by the Universe

Full Moon in Sagittarius

"Sagittarius is the eternal student of the zodiac, forever wandering the globe in search of new knowledge and perspectives. This energy compels us to be curious and leave our comfort zones. It encourages us to open our minds to new perspectives and experiences. It also asks us to take the road less traveled. The energy of Sagittarius is not concerned with the familiar. It craves newness from every angle. Boredom is the death of Sagittarius. Routines and predictability have no place in this energy. Sagittarius wants us to feel confused. It asks us to throw everything we know up in the air and allow the pieces to land where they may. It’s only by shuffling life into disarray that we can connect the dots in new ways, finding connections we may have missed if we had kept everything neat and tidy.

Sagittarius also represents hope. It compels us to take leaps of faith, trusting that the best will unfold. This energy helps us focus on the good and, in that attention, cultivate more positive vibrations throughout life. This energy dares us to take a chance, even if we don’t know the outcome. Sagittarius teaches us that we can always find the higher meaning in any situation, even those that don’t go according to plan. We never need to fear what may happen because we can always find the silver lining if we try hard enough. We do not need to take the familiar road out of fear of the unknown. Sagittarius wants us to walk into unfamiliar territory with the inner confidence that the best-case scenario will occur, even if we have to find it."



“The energy of Sagittarius is very expansive, free, and visionary. If you’re normally very pragmatic or cynical, you might find that you’re a little more optimistic than usual. Your mind will start considering all the possibilities of a situation rather than just focusing on the potential roadblocks. A Sagittarius Moon will renew your sense of adventure, and you could have the desire to pick something (no matter how big or small) and just go for it. The Sagittarius Full Moon helps us focus our attention on long-term goals and higher principles rather than getting lost in a flood of small details.”


“A dynamic blend of passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability. Represented by the archer (a half-man, half-horse centaur), Sagittarius isn't afraid to use its bow and arrow to explore expansive terrain, seeking answers in places and spaces others wouldn’t dare venture…Sagittarius’ quest for knowledge knows no bounds.”


We are also getting ready for Summer Solstice on June 21st (the longest day of the year!),
Litha, the pagan feast day celebrating Midsummer (also June 21st);
and Father's Day (June 19th), a day for honoring aspects of the divine masculine.

Light your Inner Fire of Inspiration

"There is a spark of desire that ignites our need to seek out the truth. Something in us is driven to search for the unknown; there is an inkling, a hunch or an awakening that something just beyond our conscious awareness is beckoning to us...This is the strength of Sagittarius, the ability to embark on the ultimate quest; the quest to understand Self."
~Chani Nicholas

For the Full Moon in Sagittarius, we are leaning into the archetype of the truth-seeker, on fire with inspiration, motivation, and creativity. For this fiery sign we have chosen fiery red stones, which have an additional layer or meaning in that they resonate with the lower chakras, specifically the root chakra, seat of fundamental childhood patterns and our emotional foundation for life. Their stabilizing, grounding energy is what is needed to anchor into the Earth--to get into a Horse Stance of emotional stability to provide a launch-pad for creative expression, inspired projects and transformation both of ourselves and of our world.

In our grid we used the following stones, from center to edge:

Red Aragonite

Red Aragonite | A reliable earth-healer and grounding stone, Aragonite provides strength and support, stabilizes the root chakra and deepens one's connection with the earth. It is a helpful stone for those seeking a more flexible and compassionate mental outlook, and who desire the benefits of discipline, reliability, and a pragmatic approach to life.

Carnelian | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Carnelian | A stabilizing stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. Calms anger, banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life!

Citrine | A stone of abundance and prosperity that brings about joy and enthusiasm, citrine is not a root chakra stone but a solar plexus stone, which is helpful when working with personal will and increasing willpower, determination, and motivation. The seeds of success are planted with a positive, sunny outlook combined with disciplined preparation, and this is what Citrine supports.

Red Jasper | This crystal stimulates the base chakras and assists in processing issues arising from early childhood experiences. This stone can bring helpful insights into view that can help to progress toward set goals, while also enhancing your understanding of the connection between humans and nature, and the big picture of life on earth.

Tiger's Eye | Combine earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is also grounded. Work with Tiger's Eye to recognize your talents and abilities, muster your inner resources and unblock the source of your creativity. Tiger's eye promotes clarity of intention, and anchors change into the physical body.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, just a week before the Summer Solstice, suggests a need to re-ignition of those inner fires, as we keep both feet firmly rooted on the ground. Understanding our physical place in the world and drawing strength from that, is the foundation for supporting our creative expression and inspiration.

Raise your vibrations and power your rituals with sacred stones from around the world.
Bring the earth’s beauty and energetic strength into your practice with an inspired collection of crystals and gemstones.

Midsummer Magic & Summer Solstice Revelry

We are nearing the Summer Solstice, when Earth is closest to the Sun. Occurring in June 21st, 2022, this is the turning point when days stop getting longer and start getting shorter…it is a culmination and a completion— a day of inner power and brightness, and of contemplating the balance of light and dark. Traditionally the longest day of the year is celebrated with midsummer festivals around themes of light, fire, fertility, and gratitude for the sun. "Fire is used symbolically throughout summer solstice celebrations in praise of the sun, to bring luck and to ward off the darkness.

Midsummer: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Litha by Deborah Blake | Order Online

Many traditions throughout time have celebrated the Solstices — Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs of Mexico, Chinese, Chumash Indians of California, and Indigenous Europeans. Western civilizations have for centuries celebrated this first day of summer often called Midsummer, Litha (one of the 8 pagan sabbats of the year) or St. John’s Day. The Chinese mark the day by honoring Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light. Throughout history, with so much light being showered upon the Earth on this day, it’s been known as one of the most powerful days of the year for spiritual growth and healing.

To this day, revelers still gather at Stonehenge to see the sun rise. The Heel Stone and Slaughter Stone, set outside the main circle, align with the rising sun.  Many of the ancient traditions continue — bonfires are still lit to celebrate the Sun at its height of power and to ask the Sun not to withdraw into winter darkness."

Personal Rituals to Celebrate the Solstice

"Summer is a time to engage our Earth connection; and cultivate and deepen our connection to the divine energies all around us. In living with gratitude and understanding that reciprocity and respect for all that is given to us is, is the way to live as if all life is ceremony. In taking only what we need, and doing what we can to live in balance and harmony with the cycles of the planet, we strengthen and nourish the bond we were given a birth with the great parent who sustains us all.

As we observe the blossoming of life all around us, we can receive the energy of vitality and experience awe for the generosity of the Earth, who provides for us everything that we need." Connecting with the sacred rhythms of the Earth's celestial dance is a powerful grounding and centering practice. Tuning in to the pace of life on a grand scale brings us out of ourselves and places our individual experiences into a greater context, as we weave our threads into a beautiful tapestry of Being. Here are some ways to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate this time of year:

1. Gather with others to create a circle or spiral. Exchange songs, stories, and poems with others. Dance, drum, sing and celebrate.

2. Create a Sun Wheel or mandala (a symbol of the circle of life and connectedness) made from flowers or things found in nature. Local Santa Barbara artist Rebecca Zendejas has written a beautiful article about creating mandalas in nature, which you can read here.

3. Keep a sacred fire burning. Light a candle, or make an Altar of Light to honor the solstice.

4. Make a Prayer Stick or Prayer Tree and place specific prayers for those who need healing on it. Make a prayer for the return to peace where there is no peace, for vibrancy and good health in areas of the world where there is now poverty and scarcity.

Do any or all of the above with an intention for something that you will do to improve life –  bring light and love into this world in your own creative way and begin to carry it out. Wishing you peace and light this Summer Solstice!"

"Morning has broken,
Like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken
Like the first bird;
Praise for the singing,
Praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing
Fresh from the Word..."
~From "Morning Has Broken"
Composed by Eleanor Farieon in 1931
to the tune of a traditional Gaelic melody

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