Happy Mother's day! Sunday, May 8th

‍Join us in celebrating mothers, motherhood, and the creative force of the divine feminine in all its forms. Enjoy Starhawk's visionary poetry, and get inspired with thoughtful (and heart-full!) gift ideas for Mother's Day.

“We are born of love; love is our mother.”

Loving Greetings to our Community & Friends

Join us in celebrating mothers, motherhood, and the creative force of the divine feminine in all its forms. We call forth all the faces of the mother: the gentle, nurturing mother; the fierce defender; the cosmic mother; and our personal mothers to celebrate, honor; acknowledge; give thanks, devotion and love.

The Sacred Feminine--an essential part of all humans--is the dimension of soul to which we are connected through our instincts, our feelings, and the longing imagination of the heart. This is the call we hear from her:

So come mothers and grandmothers,
Lovers and daughters.
Come spinners and weavers,
Tool makers, potters,
Dancers and dreamers,
Fixers and changers,
Singers and screamers.
Forget all the dangers.
Come ancestors, guardians, Goddesses too,
You who teach us, you who speak true, You who plant, and you who reap,
You who soar and you who creep,
You who cook, and you who drum,
You who have been, and you yet to come,
You who fight with the sword,
You who fight with the pen.
Unreasonable women, Unmanageable men.
Come harpies and banshees and gorgons and Witches;
Come sweet loving hearts and furious b*****s!

(excerpted from Starhawk's poem The River of Life)

Sending blessings to all the Mamas.

Celebrate all the mothering in your life:

🌸 Wear or carry a rose quartz crystal to symbolize love and emotional healing, and give rose quartz as a gift, or place it on your altar.
🌸 Savor a cup of Goddess Green Tea, in lovely celestial inspired mugs and teacups.
🌸 Enjoy some Mom time at Paradise Found. Bring mom in and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and have fun exploring our selection of essential oils, sweet little trinket dishes, tinkling wind-chimes, crystal malas, jewelry and more. We would love to meet her!
🌸 Write a heartfelt note in one of our beautiful cards, or journal and reflect on the important mother, teacher, and mentor relationships in your life.
🌸 Book an intuitive reading in person or online
🌸 Spend some time with your mom out in the "big mama"-- Pachamama or Gaia
🌸 Set up a small shrine to the divine feminine focused on a special rock or grove of trees.

We just received a fresh selection of leather-bound journals, as well as some beautiful new tarot and oracle decks. You may also browse a list of Mother's Day books on our Bookshop.org page.

“Gaia, Mother Earth
I honor your ancestral energy
I honor your roots
Anchor me
I connect with you
I feel the connection taking over
Your gifts are around me
I harvest them in the name of gratitude and loving awareness
Bless my life with your magick, your energy and your precious gifts
So be it”

~Tina Caro

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