Clearing Baggage to Abundance | Harvest Full Moon in Pisces Meditation & Ritual

Clear away baggage with help from your Guardian Angels, to make way for a harvest of abundance...Let the Mermaids of Pisces help you reach the place of balance where all things are possible!

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces Meditation & Ritual
Clearing Baggage to Abundance
When: September 10th, 6pm-7pm
Where: Instagram Live on the page of Paradise Found @paradisefoundsb

Coming into this Full Moon in Pisces, we start to feel emotions stir and our intuition heightens. As this is a Harvest Full Moon, we also see abundance in all forms come in. To continue to receive abundance to the fullest we will clear baggage that we can't get to that only our angels can get to. There are always those nooks and crannies we can't get to or aware of that need to be cleared out.

The Angels always know where we can't see so they will clear it. They know what is in our way to receiving our fullest potential. This is our heaviest harvest of the year with one more last lighter harvest next month so this clearing of baggage will also keep us in the flow of abundance, and we continue to plant more seeds to come to fruition and manifestation.

On this Full Moon the Mermaids of Pisces will balance your Yin & Yang to continue a steady balance of abundance. Do you know if you are in too much Yin or too much Yang? That's where the mermaids come into balance that for you and bring it into your awareness. They will also remind you of your Sovereignty of your power.

As the the mermaids play and frolic in the in the ocean, they will invite you into the ocean to cleans you to keep your intuition clear so you can see your way to more abundance.

In this meditation we will be working with the element of Water and Earth. I will invoke the element of Water to cleans and the element of Earth to keep us grounded in abundance. I will also invoke your Guardian Angels to help facilitate this process for you.

Please note:

If you would like to have any crystals present or light any candles, please do so. Whatever you feel called to have present with you will be charged up with the ritual energy! Suggested crystals for this meditation are aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, green aventurine, citrine, labradorite and smokey quartz.

If you have a list of your hearts desires/intentions, it will be taken up by your Guardian Angel & Cosmic Angels of the Universe up to become manifest.

Artist: @crownandpallette

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