Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse 5°08' Taurus | Saturday 10/28/23 at 1:23 pm PT

I sit still and listen, to find my center.
I hold myself tenderly, with care and concern.
I pay attention to what I am doing in the present moment,
I feel deeply, I love deeply, I relate deeply
I sense, I feel, I inquire, I touch
With a peaceful spirit

Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse 5°08' Taurus | Saturday 10/28/23 at 1:23 pm PT

"Taurus teaches us to be our own anchor. Taurus is no nonsense strength. Taurus is our reserve of rocksteady. Taurus is a plethora of self-possession..."

~Chani Nicholas, author of You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance

"Taurus is the sign of stillness. It reminds us to connect with Mother Earth to feel held, supported, and abundant. It helps restore our inner peace when the world has thrown us a curveball, and it helps us feel our inner reliance in the face of any storm. Taurus is the energy to look to when life feels overwhelming, overstimulating, or just too much. It helps you connect to subtle energies of nature, like the Sun on your face, the breeze on your cheek, and the ground under your feet to feel your center...

Taurus provides a container for all of the emotions brought up by Scorpio Season. This eclipse is a time to pause, connect with your body, connect with nature, and find stillness within. It’s a time to reflect on everything you’ve learned so far in your journey and be with yourself in this moment. Taurus brings us peaceful vibrations that allow us to process the work we’re doing and the growth we’re experiencing...The eclipse is a time to center yourself and feel your inner stillness and strength."


"Gazing upon the Full Moon is to know stillness. In this moment there is no judgment, no desire to have it be anything other than it is. We have gazed upon this moon so many times. It is so much a part of our awareness that there is only peace as we arrive home. We are in a place of utter acceptance. The experience fills us to overflowing; boundaries fade and the moment becomes the unending sense of not two but one. The Full Moon in Taurus is the awakening of the self assured. “I have”.

~Anna Chapman

Crystals for the Full Moon in Taurus

"This sensual divinely feminine Earth sign reminds us to take the time to appreciate the wonders of the Earth. Taurus wants us to allow our feet to get dirty, to feel the Earth in all of her glory between our toes, and to soak up all of Mother Earth's grounding, healing, protective energy."

Lunar Eclipses are transitional times when a little extra grounding and stability can be helpful. A dose of love and compassion (and patience!) for one's Self doesn't hurt either. To help you find balance, and bring more self-love into your life, here are some stones to hold, meditate with, or add to your altar during the eclipse on October 28th (The eclipse will be visible in parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.)

Indian Agate | Indian Agate is known as a stone for strengthening the body's connection to the earth, soothing and calming and bringing a sense of security. This crystal, like all agates, works with the heart to cultivate love, and has a warm, earthy energy which complements the Full Moon in Taurus, a sign associated with the heart chakra and the element of earth.

Red jasper | Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer." It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Red Jasper grounds energy and provides insights into the most difficult situations. It stimulates the lower chakras, supporting the development of a strong foundational sense of safety and stability, and strengthening energetic boundaries.

Peach Moonstone | Sharing the same divine feminine energies as other moonstones, Peach Moonstone helps reignite your passion for the things that make you happy in this world.  As self-loving vibrations pour out of this stone every time you work with it, get in the rhythm of doing something positive for yourself. Reward yourself with a hobby you once loved or treat yourself to a place you once frequented. Try something entirely new that has been on your mind for days or even months now. These are all small things that reinforce the love you truly have for yourself, filling you up with joyful, positive energy that radiates outward to those around you.

Raise your vibrations and power your rituals with sacred stones from around the world.
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Earth Element Ritual Inspiration

“Touch the earth, love the earth, honour the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills…Rest your spirit in her solitary places.”    
~Henry Beston, The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod
“Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul…It is the body, the feeling, the instincts, which connects us with the soil. ”    
~C.G. Jung

The Full Moon in Taurus reminds us to touch, to feel, to sense...We are sensing, sensual beings who are inseparable from our environment. Energy flows in, around, and through us, and we are never separate from our surroundings.

The more we are pulled to be hasty, or 'careless', the more rewarding it is to slow down and bring stillness andmindfulness to every pursuit. Here are some snippets of inspiration for taking care of our sensing natures:

~Getting quiet for 2 minutes — no music, no other people, nothing
~Feeling bare feet on the floor or grass
~Looking at a tree
~Sitting or laying on the ground
~Breathing intentionally for 1 minute
~A walk outside
~Focusing on the food you’re eating (aka mindful eating)
~Drinking water and paying attention to how it feels
~Getting the sleep you need
~Putting on a favorite song and moving your bod

You can also place objects that represent the Earth element around your home or on your altar to balance out your space and remind you to check in with yourself. Things like:

~Plants and flowers
~Himalayan salt lamps or tealight holders
~Greens and earth tones

“Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all.”
~Victoria Erickson
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