Full Moon in Pisces | Saturday 9/10 at 2:59 a.m. PT

"Symbolized by the Fish and ruled by Neptune, this sign inspires us to expand our dreams and feel our internal mysticism" (Spirit Daughter). Learn more about the Full Moon in Pisces, what crystals to work with, and how to prepare a lunar infusion of Moon Water for ritual and magical use...

I call in the highest vibration of Pisces
I am authentic yet imaginative
I am grounded yet spiritual
I am clearheaded yet dreamy
I flow and honor my intuition
I soak up divine guidance through every pore of my being
I shape-shift like a cosmic chameleon for my highest good and the highest good of all
 ~Adapted from Zen ren, AstroYogaLove.com
Image credit @TarnEllisArt

Full Moon in Pisces | Saturday, 9/10/2022 at 2:59 a.m. PT

"The Pisces Full Moon is a magical time with the potential for great healing and release. Pisces represents the vastness of the Universe and teaches us the interconnectedness of all beings. Symbolized by the Fish and ruled by Neptune, this sign inspires us to expand our dreams and feel our internal mysticism. This Full Moon is a time to embrace your most spiritual self and open your consciousness to the possibilities of the cosmos. It's a time to experiment with different forms of meditation, sound frequencies, and energetic healing. Open yourself to new realms of thought this Full Moon and evolve your visions to a higher level. Feel your existence among the spectrum of the Universe and know that anything is possible on a Pisces Full Moon.

Around this Full Moon, our intuition and emotions are heightened. As with all Water Moons, Pisces amplifies our energetic sensitivity to the world. Our subtle frequencies and vibrations become more apparent, and we have the opportunity to explore our inner consciousness to a greater degree. We can feel and understand our energetic bodies on a much more advanced level during this Full Moon. We can truly see ourselves as energetic beings and start to operate in the world as not just bodies made of physical form but as a compilation of frequencies with unlimited potential and reach."

~Spirit Daughter

The creative, intuitive, emotional sign of Pisces is often with the Sacral Chakra, also known as Swadisthanna. This is the chakra just below the belly button, and is the seat of our creativity, sexuality, vitality, passion, desire, enjoyment and sensuality. "This important energy center is also known as the water chakra. Like the water’s flowing nature, the sacral chakra helps creativity and imagination flow.

When your sacral chakra is open, you will feel the creative surge that helps you come up with innovative ideas and solutions. When your sacral chakra opens, you let go of the fears and the past conditioning and become more fluid and adaptable, just like water. In an interview with Bruce Lee, he says, “Be water, my friend” – the water is flexible, unbreakable, and becomes the thing that contains it."

~Spiritual Energy Today

"The Pisces symbol depicts two fish swimming in seemingly opposite directions, permanently connected by a cord. The fish, swimming head to tail, are a sign of duality and yet the cord that joins them is a reminder that we are never separate—There is always a bond, a thread of some kind that connects us all.⁠"


Crystals for the Full Moon in Pisces

amethyst crystal palm stones | paradise found santa barbara

Amethyst | This mystical purple stone activates spiritual awareness and encourages spiritual wisdom. Working with Amethyst may enhance intuitive abilities, and help recall and understand one's dreams. When working with deep feelings, Amethyst brings a sense of peace and calm. This stone also works against addictions--so that we have the strength to sit with our feelings without running away to a comforting distraction.

aquamarine natural stone | paradise found santa barbara

Aquamarine | This crystal works with the watery energy of Pisces, especially as an aid in meditation. Increases sensitivity, and courage, and soothes fear. If you are going deep, Aquamarine is a stone to facilitate and stabilize emotional work.

lapis lazuli crystal bracelets jewelry | paradise found santa barbara

Lapis | A stone of protection, vivid blue Lapis guards against psychic attack and blocks negativity. This crystal releases stress and brings a sense of peace, while encouraging self-awareness, self-expression, and healthy expression of feelings and emotions. Inspires creativity, honesty and speaking one's truth.

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How to Prepare a Lunar Infusion of Moon Water

The Pisces Full Moon is a perfect time to prepare Moon Water. Pure water charged in moonlight is prized for its use in ritual and magic. Prepared with intention and energized by the Moon, it can be used...

~in rituals
~to cleanse and purify
~to raise up low-vibration energy onto a higher frequency
~to help manifest intentions of peace, love, abundance, and more...

Your energy can have a powerful impact on the water, so it is helpful to meditate in advance, take a few deep breaths, or light a candle and gaze calmy into its flame for several minutes.

How to prepare Moon Water:

Start with a clear glass container. Glass is the best material to use as it does not contain toxic substances like plastic. Make sure it is transparent and clean, so that the moon energy flows directly into the water.

Fill the container with water. Make sure to use the purest and cleanest water you can obtain, ideally spring water.

Imagine peace and harmony in your soul. Feel the emotions of happiness and joy, lingering in this state and letting the water absorb your loving thoughts and intentions, for several minutes.

Incorporate some crystals. For extra amplification, you can place your favorite crystals on top of your jar to charge the water and give it an extra boost. Selenite, clear quartz, and moonstone are all great options for clearing energy and harnessing intuition.

Place the water on a windowsill or in any open space where the Moon will be clearly visible, so that the water absorbs as much direct Moonlight and energy as possible.

Leave the container overnight so that the Moon charges the water with energy. Moon water is ready for use in the morning!

~Adapted from moonenergy.victoria

Uses of Moon Water:

Cleanse crystals and ritual tools

Anoint yourself, open your third eye

Add to ritual bath

Draw protective sigils on windows and doors

Ingredient in spells and potions, or ritual tea

"We grow sensitive, permeable, empathic, and imaginative;
Let’s be gentle with one another. Tears flow easily. Our energy level varies;
We swim in spirit, bathe in dreams, Paint the night away, or just take a good long soak."
~Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2015 
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