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“The pendulum is an extension of your own personal Intuition.

A pendulum, whether it is crystal, wooden, or metallic, is a device that gives your Intuition a language with which to communicate."  
~Dale Olson, The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing

Explore the fascinating realm of dowsing with Pendulums, and open the doorway to knowing your Intuitive mind. Empower your intuition, access inner truth and get in touch with wisdom deep beneath the surface.

First things first - Learn how the pendulum moves

It’s important to learn what a “Yes” looks like and what a “No” looks like, when you are trying out a new pendulum. Be present, focus and quiet your mind…Now hold the pendulum, hanging by its chain, and pay attention to the direction of the movements when you ask, “What does yes look like?” and “What does no look like?” Is it swinging back and forth vertically, horizontally, or swinging in circles?

Because a pendulum is such a personal tool, everyone will have their own preference of style and material. Like selecting a crystal, it can be an intuitive process to find a pendulum that feels right. Come to the shop, try out different styles, and feel free to ask questions, we're here to help!

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How to Use a Pendulum by Richard Webster

The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing by Dale Olson

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