Intuitive Luminary Readings with The Spiritual Owl

We are delighted to welcome back Bianca, The Spiritual Owl for a day of Intuitive Luminary Readings at Paradise Found! Call (805)564-3573 to book your reading! She will be offering readings on Sunday 7/2 and Saturday 7/29, from 11:00am-5:00pm.‍

We are delighted to welcome back The Spiritual Owl for two days of Intuitive Readings at Paradise Found!
When: Sunday 7/2 and Saturday 7/29, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Call (805)564-3573 to book your reading.

Join “Luminary" Bianca, The Spiritual Owl on a magical & inspirational journey. Embarking upon the ultimate adventure, as she shines a light upon the karmic lessons of your past, intuitively guides you with clarity in the present moment, and illuminates insightfully the possibilities on your future path ahead of you. Embrace the mysteries, creativity, truth, freedom, love & timeless joy to be unveiled, when you allow yourself to surrender & compassionately dive into the deepest depths, of the inner light within your heart & soul.

Bianca’s unique gifts, wealth of motivational transformative insight & profound practical mindful teachings, has led her to work with Amazon, ASCAP, Fortune 500 Company Executives, Global organizations, Academic’s, individuals & audiences around the world. With her Spiritual Practices in Los Angeles & Santa Barbara, her clients include those in the motion picture & television industry, entertainment, fashion, music, sports, tech & business fields. Together with her One on One private readings & mentoring, international series of Speaking Engagements, Mindfulness Events, Workshops, Retreats, & Guided Meditations, she continues to share wisdom, in the practice of Oneness & Mindful Living, as a featured guest &contributor, for media outlets including Yahoo, Readers Digest, & Thrive Global.

Your investment:
30 min  130.00
45 min  185.00
60 min  235.00
90 min  345.00

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