How to Prepare a Lunar Infusion of Moon Water

Make your own Moon Water to use in rituals and magic. Just take pure water in a clear glass container, and let it be charged and energized by Moonlight to create a lunar infusion for cleansing your crystals, or to use as an ingredient in spells and potions...

The Pisces Full Moon is a perfect time to prepare Moon Water. Pure water charged in moonlight is prized for its use in ritual and magic. Prepared with intention and energized by the Moon, it can be used...

~in rituals
~to cleanse and purify
~to raise up low-vibration energy onto a higher frequency
~to help manifest intentions of peace, love, abundance, and more...

Your energy can have a powerful impact on the water, so it is helpful to meditate in advance, take a few deep breaths, or light a candle and gaze calmy into its flame for several minutes.

How to prepare Moon Water:

Start with a clear glass container. Glass is the best material to use as it does not contain toxic substances like plastic. Make sure it is transparent and clean, so that the moon energy flows directly into the water.

Fill the container with water. Make sure to use the purest and cleanest water you can obtain, ideally spring water.

Imagine peace and harmony in your soul. Feel the emotions of happiness and joy, lingering in this state and letting the water absorb your loving thoughts and intentions, for several minutes.

Incorporate some crystals. For extra amplification, you can place your favorite crystals on top of your jar to charge the water and give it an extra boost. Selenite, clear quartz, and moonstone are all great options for clearing energy and harnessing intuition.

Place the water on a windowsill or in any open space where the Moon will be clearly visible, so that the water absorbs as much direct Moonlight and energy as possible.

Leave the container overnight so that the Moon charges the water with energy. Moon water is ready for use in the morning!

~Adapted from moonenergy.victoria

Uses of Moon Water:

Cleanse crystals and ritual tools

Anoint yourself, open your third eye

Add to ritual bath

Draw protective sigils on windows and doors

Ingredient in spells and potions, or ritual tea

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