Manifesting with the power of Lion's Gate

“In the universe,
there are things that are known,
and things that are unknown,
and in between, there are doors.”  
~William Blake  

"The Lion’s Gate portal opens from July 26 to August 12, when the Earth and Sun align with the star Sirius and the Galactic Center—the point everything in the Milky Way revolves around. During this time, Sirius, otherwise known as the Spiritual Sun, is at its closest proximity to the Earth, rising in the eastern sky with the Sun and the Leo constellation.

The Lion’s gate is a powerful portal that helps us integrate higher energies available from the universal knowledge. It reaches peak power on the 8th day of the 8th month (August 8). This is a day to download the collective consciousness of civilizations that came before us and who may have existed in faraway galaxies. Just as we live in a collective consciousness, there is a larger bank of knowledge that exists throughout the Universe. This knowledge is always available to us through our intuition. On the Lion’s gate opening, though, it is amplified by the alignment of the Sun, Earth, and star Sirius.


"In setting intentions, we tell the Universe what we want to manifest in our lives. Really, though, we are co-creating our reality with the Universe. We are receiving just as much as we are guiding, and vice versa. Be open to messages from your higher guidance today, from your heart, and from the infinite potential around you."


"The energy of Lionsgate can connect us with the cosmic skies, galactic frequencies, higher dimensional beings, and our own intuition. It can also activate heart healings, the expansion of spiritual wisdom, and help us awaken to our true potential. On Lionsgate 88 set an intention of how you wish to use this energy, and then create a ritual or practice that allows you to harness and work with it."

Here are a few things we can set an intention to experience under Lionsgate:

  • Heart healings: the Lionsgate portal activates the heart chakra. Old or even current wounds of the heart may rise up for healing. We may finally feel free from any grief or sadness that has burdened our hearts.
  • Third eye awakenings: the Lionsgate portal also activates the third eye chakra. We may feel more intuitive or learn something new about the way our intuition speaks to us. Our intuition is likely to be strong and if this is something we want to work with more, the Lionsgate portal is a great time to begin.
  • Higher Chakra Openings: while we have seven main chakras or energy centers in our body, we also have hundreds of smaller, more sensitive chakras that can be activated and awakened during the Lionsgate Portal. This helps us to tap into new wisdom and higher spiritual knowledge.
  • Psychic downloads: with the high vibrational energy from Sirius beaming our way, we are more likely to receive psychic downloads. These can come through our dreams, visions, spirit guides and angels, or through simply hearing things while in a state of relaxation. Meditation and automatic writing are great ways to open to this energy and to receive guidance.
  • Visitations: the ancients believed that Sirius was home to heaven, angels, and other worldly beings. Under the Lionsgate Portal energy, we are more likely to receive messages, dreams, signs, and visits from our loved ones who have passed and from our spirit guides and guardian angels. Encountering alien beings may also be more likely too.
  • Freedom: one of the strongest vibrations from Sirius is this energy of freedom. The idea is that our earthly Sun illuminates this physical world which is an illusion. But Sirius illuminates our soul and spiritual bodies, which is the truth. By understanding this, we gain a sense of freedom.
  • Peace: Sirius has very peaceful vibrations too, so spending time in nature and meditation is a great way to tap into this peaceful energy and use it for healing and restoring your mind, body, and soul.
  • Technology: Sirius is also associated with highly advanced technology. If you have a new tech innovation or would like to start a website, blog, app, or anything else related to technology, this would be great energy to use to your advantage.
  • Creativity: Lionsgate is also a highly creative time and the perfect opportunity to try a new creative project or to take action on a creative project you have been looking to get off the ground.

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