"Moon Mother, Moon Daughter" Book Signing | Saturday 1/21

Join us for a book signing on Saturday 1/21 from 2-4pm with the co-authors of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter. They are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their book with two new companion books! Including a Facilitator's Guide for leading your own Moon Circle...

Local Authors Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter with Two New Companion Books 
Moon Mother, Moon Daughter is a celebration of the divine feminine spirit.  
Join us at Paradise Found for a book signing on Saturday, January 21 from 2:00 ~ 4:00

Local authors Janet Lucy and Terri Allison first heard the call to write a book together 25 years ago when their four daughters were queuing up to come of age. They had both read the bestseller, Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher, about the frightening ways pre-teen girls lose their voices and their true selves in our culture, and began to ask themselves some questions. 

How would it be different if mothers looked forward to their daughtersfirst steps into womanhood with the same anticipation and excitement as they had for her very first steps toward walking? What if there was a whole community of women waiting to receive her into womanhood? What if there was a way for mothers and daughters to walk together?

Their quest to find new resources led them to the discovery of an ancient, world-wide moon goddess culture. Here they knew they’d found the inspiration they were looking for, and sat down to write together. 

With the moon as a guide and a symbol, Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of Age (Fair Winds Press 2002) introduced a whole new approach to the coming of age years, as a time to strengthen the mother-daughter connection with the support of community, and to celebrate female gifts and wisdom.

Since the first edition publication in 2002, women from all over the world have reached out to affirm the vision and value of ancient wisdom and traditions based in community and spirit. Inspired by requests for a companion guide to facilitate groups, they have created a new Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Moon Circles Facilitators Guide (Seven Seas Press 2022) as a wholehearted response. This Guide, to be used alongside the original book, is an expansive version with added new voices and language to be more inclusive and reflective of our diverse humanity. 

“After all,” affirm the authors, “we all live under the same moon.” 

Moon Circles Facilitator's Guide

This new, all inclusive Facilitator's Guide offers chapter-by-chapter steps, support, and resources—reflective questions, art activities, journal writing prompts and more —for those who are called to create a coming of age moon circle for girls or mothers and daughters together.

Inspired by requests for a companion guide to facilitate groups, this new Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Moon Circles Facilitator’s Guide is a wholehearted response, and is intended to be used alongside the original book.

The Facilitator's Guide goes beyond traditional ideas and definitions and expands the scope, awareness and understanding of family and gender identity. The Moon Mother, Moon Daughter Moon Circles Facilitator's Guide celebrates the unique and diverse coming of age experiences, and illuminates the world-wide moon goddess cultures in all her guises under the same moon.

The authors have also created a companion journal filled with moon quotes and the lunar phases titled, By The Light of the Moon, for women and girls of all ages. This journal, filled with inspiring moon quotes, is a companion to Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming-of-Age and the Moon Circles Facilitator's Guide. It is a place for women and girls of all ages to illuminate their path to the goddess within. Unlined pages with moon graphics depicting the lunar phases allow for writing and sketching.

Meet the Authors

Janet Lucy, MA, is the co-author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming-of-Age, award-winning author of Makana is a Gift / Makana es un Regalo, Mermaid Dreams / Sueños de Sirena, and The Three Sunflowers / Los Tres Girasoles.

She is the Founder / Director of Women's Creative Network (WCN) in Santa Barbara, CA, where she offers consulting for intuitive, creative and professional development; facilitates women's weekly writing circles, workshops and trainings, and international retreats.

Janet teaches and guides "Divine Ink ~ Illuminating the Heroine's Journey," a divine feminine path to transformation. Janet loves to share her divine inspiration with other women. www.janetlucyink.com.

Terri Allison is the co-author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming-of-Age. She has been a teacher and educational administrator for over 40 years, in programs for infants through adults. She has completed a fellowship in Parent-Infant Mental Health from the University of Boston, Mass. and has a Post Graduate Certificate from the Napa Fellowship Program’s Reflective Supervision, Consultation and Facilitation Academy.

Terri currently runs her own consulting company, Moonlit Consulting, with a primary focus on Early Childhood Education and Reflective Practice. She offers private sessions, small group learning communities and trainings for educators, parents and leaders in the field of early care and education.

Find the Moon Circles Facilitator's Guide and the By the Light of the Moon Journal at Paradise Found!
Moon Mother, Moon Daughter original book is available at Paradise Found and online
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