Morganite | Love, Sweet Love


Right now, more than ever, the world needs Love, Sweet Love. And Peace...and Joy...and Compassion. When meditating on this month's stone, Morganite came calling; a beautiful pink stone in the Beryl family of minerals, which includes other notable stones such as Emerald and Aquamarine.


Morganite is a high-vibration stone, resonating with our Heart and High Heart Chakras; a connection which helps tune us in to a limitless fount of Unconditional Love. This gemstone has such a soft sweetness about it, instilling a sense of peace and joy. It encourages strength, fairness, and equality. It teaches patience and a reverence for Life/all living things. It nurtures our capacity for empathy and compassion.


Working with Morganite can help with the gentle release of negative emotions such as anxiety, and any negative feelings such as pain or stress. It aids in the release of old wounds or hidden traumas, transpiring a literal 'lightness of spirit' after being relieved of their burden. Morganite can also expand our connection with the angelic realm and other higher entities, bringing additional support, and leading to a deeper connection with the Divine.


If Morganite has yet to join your repertoire, now is the perfect time to work with this stone. We look forward to seeing you when the store is open again.

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