New Moon in Aries | Sunday 4/11 at 7:30PM PST

I openly receive new beginnings and renewal at every level of consciousness.I take on new challenges and a leadership role when the occasion arises, with grace, strength, and no fear!I am ignited in purpose, showing up authentically, present in the moment wherever I am and whatever I do.I intentionally awaken and strengthen my awareness of energetic boundaries.

I openly receive new beginnings and renewal at every level of consciousness.
I take on new challenges and a leadership role when the occasion arises, with grace, strength, and no fear!
I am ignited in purpose, showing up authentically, present in the moment wherever I am and whatever I do.
I intentionally awaken and strengthen my awareness of energetic boundaries.
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Aries New Moon

"When Aries meets the New Moon, sparks fly. This is the Moon to feel into your warrior spirit and take bold leaps to create the life of your dreams. Aries reminds us that what we desire may not come easily. There will be hurdles on the path of your visions. Many of these hurdles are internal blocks that we need to confront to evolve into the person our soul wants us to be. This New Moon is the perfect time to feel into your heart, ask it what it wants, and ask what is holding you back.

There is an element of expansion on this New Moon. It’s time to reach for your highest potential and take the necessary leaps to get you there--even if those leaps scare you. Aries brings you fire and motivation. Use this energy to take significant steps on your path this New Moon. Allow yourself and your energy to take up space. Claim your dreams and let go of any fear that you don’t deserve them. The life you want to live is yours to create.

Align with the New Moon to give you the confidence and courage you need to admit your soul’s desire and plant seeds that will manifest it. Notice if you shy away from your potential or if fear of success is secretly causing you to not welcome energies that can help you build it. This is a New Moon to face your fears and discover what may be blocking you from stepping into your power. What is hindering your full fire and magic?"


"The New Moon is exact on Sunday, April 11, at 7:30 p.m. PST. It occurs when the Sun and Moon are both at 22°24´ Aries and within orb (range) of conjunctions to Mercury, Ceres, Eris, and Venus. This stellium (close group) of planets in Aries strongly emphasizes the traits attributed to the first sign of the zodiac: the positive qualities of personal initiative, courageous action, and an ability to take risks, and the shadow qualities of selfishness, impatience, willfulness, and combativeness.

The square between Venus and Pluto perfects at 8:20 p.m. PDT, less than one hour after the lunation. When Venus and Pluto are in hard aspect, relationships and values go through a deep cleansing process. Emotions are heightened, especially suspicions and jealousies. "The gloves are off," in a sense, as we seek the truth. Unspoken needs tend to come to the surface, whether or not they are reasonable, and we should watch tendencies to try to control the other person. Whatever is revealed under this influence can be used to gain greater intimacy with a loved one, but such raw honesty can sometimes be painful."

~Pam Younghams, NorthPoint Journal
Find out more in this article by Anna Chapman!

Crystals for the New Moon in Aries

Sunstone is a joyful stone; imparting a sense of optimism, enthusiasm, openness, and warmth. It clears and energizes the chakras. A stone of leadership, empowerment, vitality, confidence, and strength. Sunstone encourages independence and originality. Also, a stone of abundance, good fortune and luck.

Carnelian is a motivational stone of power, courage, confidence, and creativity. Promoting positivity, idealism, community, as well as ambition and determination. Carnelian also protects against envy and resentment, while calming anger and releasing emotional negativity.

Red Jasper: Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. In general, jaspers are stabilizing, balancing, and grounding. Red Jasper specifically acts as a stimulating and protective stone, and can help tap into the power of the Root chakra and it's connection to the earth. It's a stone of protection, as well as empowerment, confidence, and creativity.

What is your unique life mission?

"Aries teaches us that we all have a unique life mission.
Our soul is on an evolutionary voyage that takes us through many twists and turns...
Aries reminds us that we always have the ability to motivate ourselves and return to a love for life by aligning with our soul.
This guiding light will inspire us in our most challenging times and lead us to our life’s direction.
Our soul is our inner compass, and if we allow it, it will encourage us to take leaps of faith to follow it."

One way to get clarity on your unique life mission (purpose) is to explore your thoughts through journaling. Jounaling offers us space to embrace the joys and challenges of our daily life without judgement and as one drops into a flow journaling can help us find our inner soul compass. While reviewing our journaling we can see our passions revealed, and once revealed we can journal on how our now revealed passions can become our purpose. Once you have identified your passion, align your passion with your purpose.

Some pathways to clarity

Release Expectations | When you let go of old stories about who we are and what your life should be, which may come from your parents or from past selves, you open yourself to the possibility of evolution and transformation into your best self. The work of introspection is worth it, as it allows you to release patterns that no longer serve, and embrace the life you are meant to live, in ever increasing alignment with your soul.

Playfulness | Feel free to follow many paths, to dip your feet into different streams and play with the ideas, activities, and modes of thought and being. Maybe this means taking classes, volunteering, or creating a blog. Most importantly, journal about the things you’ve tried, and notice what feels good to your soul. When you find the path that calls to you, your soul will tell you it is time to take it to the next level, and dive in!

Flow State | When we are aligned with our true purpose, time stands still and we enter a flow state, completely absorbed in what we are doing. This is a state of calm contentment, easy clear focus, and engaged completely at every level of consciousness. This feeling of flow is a sign that you are going in the right direction, working on something that is in alignment with your soul’s mission. Let this feeling be your compass needle!

Energy | Notice how your energy is effected by what you are doing, who you are with, where you are...Some activities will feed you and give you energy, “fill your cup,” while others will drain it and make you feel exhausted quickly. This is a good way to tell whether something fits into your life in a way that is healthy and good for YOU.

Own Your Skills | Pay attention to your strengths, and give yourself recognition for your strengths, skills, and talents...What comes easily to you? What do you find yourself teaching others? What did you love to do as a kid? These are all clues to finding what sets you apart, and what will help you align with your purpose.

Remember Your Passions | What would your 8-year-old self be doing right now? Is there a topic you could talk about forever? Or something you just can’t live without? We are all seeking our passions, and building a life you are passionate about is an act of artistic creation, perhaps the most important one! It is a work that never ends, because the more you grow, the more you learn about yourself...

“What if?” to “Why not?” | Whether you are starting something new or just diving deeper, pursuing your path and purpose in life can be full of fear and “what if” anxiety...But there will never be a perfect time, or a perfect plan...Even the smallest step can be a powerful change and development. Believe in yourself, and picture the best possible outcome you can imagine, and ask “Why not?” Believe in the possibility of success, and remember that “mistakes” are just lessons in disguise. Feel into your most courageous self, take a deep breath, and begin your journey.

Share your dreams

When you are following your life purpose, you naturally begin to ask how your passion and purpose can inspire others' passions and dreams. To find out how, you might ask yourself: how have your passion and interests evolved to shape your purpose? How do they connect to your interests and dreams from your early days? What pursuits would inspire and give meaning to you? What impact would you like to make on others?

When we see someone like Amanda Gorman, reading her powerful poem and taking over the stage on January 6th, we see someone whose purpose and passion are in alignment and on full display and one who's journey inspires other's passion and dreams. What an inspiration to witness!


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