Celestial Ceramics inspired by Sirius, the Dog Star

Learn about the origin of this constellation that is formed around Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky. We thought these pup-themed ceramics were adorable, and appropriately celestial...

Beautiful ceramics made with love
Decorated with the constellation Canis Major, "the great dog"
Inspired by Sirius, the dog star, the brightest star in the sky.

We love these midnight blue clay stoneware pieces, embellished with the constellation Canis Major to honor the love and special bond between people and dogs. This bond truly goes "to the moon and back." Choose from a cozy mug, a little dish for trinkets and treasures, a helpful canister for storing treats, and two sizes of bowl . Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sip your favorite hot beverage snuggled up  with Your Furry Friend (18.00)

The Legends of Canis Major and Sirius

There have been a number of mythical dogs tied to the constellation Canis Major.  One is that Canis Major, “the great dog”, and Canis Minor, “the little dog”, are the hunting companions of Orion, “the hunter”. In another myth, Canis Major is Laelaps, a dog so swift that none could outrun him--he was used to hunt the legendary Teumessian Fox, an animal so clever he could not be caught by man or beast--and so they remain, perfectly balanced in an eternal chase.

Keep Your Treasures Somewhere Safe (13.00)

The ancient Egyptians marked the beginning of their year when Sirius, also known as the Dog Star or the Blue Star, rose with the Sun. During this time it appeared as if there were two suns in the sky, one golden and one blue. This time also coincided with the rise and overflow of the Nile River, bringing abundant crops and new life to the land.

Time for a Treat! (31.00)

In ancient Indian legend, the stars in this constellation are also linked to the Orion constellation, but the roles are reversed: Canis Major is seen as a deer hunter who is chasing a deer represented by the stars in Orion.

A Starlit Feast in Two Sizes (14.00 & 19.00)

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