Preparing to Thrive

A Pre-Spring Hint List for Whole-Hearted Wellbeing

"In the Native American Medicine Wheel tradition, spring is the season of the East, associated with the rising sun and the potential for possibility."

Spring is on its way, promising expansion, renewal, and a mighty movement of energy. In these last weeks of winter before the Equinox we have a wonderful opportunity to gather ourselves and prepare for the seasonal shift. Reflection and thoughtful planning, so that we can blossom and thrive.

Virgo is associated with the 6th house--in astrological charts this house represents health, everyday routines & schedules, and even pets, which are absolutely connected to well-being. This Full Moon in Virgo may be the perfect moment to reflect on our personal health and well-being, to journal about the habits we find the most helpful and wish to foster, and identify the patterns that it has now come time to release.

Here are some healthful ways to care of ourselves and encourage overall wellbeing and flourishing:

~Open the curtains and raise the blinds. Sunlight helps us feel happier and more energetic.

~Bring intention to your listening--Take the time to make a playlist, whether it be a joyful soundtrack for waking up in the morning, calming contemplative music for meditation, or a soothing evening wind-down mix.

~Curate a "to read" selection of inspiring books, with positive messages, that you are actually excited to read! There is nothing as nice as having a cairn of stacked books at your bedside, provided you are looking forward to discovering them. If not, give yourself permission to un-stack, re-shelve, and start fresh, maybe with a volume of poetry, or a single poem or verse, to meditate on. Sometimes simple is best.

~Unplug from email, texts and social media. Instead, go outside and look at real sunsets, or chat with friends face to face.

~Refresh your altar with symbols of new beginnings, in preparation for the changing seasons. Colors: Earthy greens, light yellow. Seasonal greenery and flowers. A statue or candle dedicated to the Guardian Angel Raphael, for Health.

~Load up on the season’s bounty. Plenty of fruits, berries and vegetables... visit local farmers’ markets for the freshest produce.

~Grow something. Whether you have a yard or a few pots on your patio, planting flowers, herbs or veggies can make you feel more upbeat.

~Enjoy spring’s longer days by leaving work earlier once or twice a week to do fun things or taking breaks during the day to walk outside.

~Exercise outdoors. Go for a walk in the park or around the neighborhood.

~Drink water! Being hydrated won't magically fix everything in our lives, but it is one of the many ways we can support our bodies and set ourselves up for good things to come, in whatever form they may arrive.

Saying Thank You & Releasing Old Patterns

Picture your daily routine, and focus on the aspect you are releasing. Maybe it is late-waking winter hibernation, so cozy and restful...We are going to Identify, Thank, and Release, with the following blessing:

"Thank you for helping me, strengthening me, and bringing me the energy needed, at the proper time. YES! I am grateful for your presence in my life!

I am now opening to new things, new patterns and habits that will be equally helpful and healing to my body, mind, heart & soul.

YES! (inhale)

I release the old (exhale)

and welcome the new! (inhale)

(Rest at the top of the breath, and exhale)..."

And several deep breaths, drop the shoulders and allow the chest to empty, to fill, to empty, to fill...We are on our way.

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come.”
~Lois Lowry
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