Sacred Waters and Spiritual Bathing

“The early Sumerians considered water the primordial element that came from an abyss that surrounded the earth.
The Yoruba goddess Obatala created the world from a floating ball of water.
Vishnu in India formed the earth while he floated on a serpent in the cosmic seas…"
~Nadine Epstein & Rosita Arvigo

The New Moon in Libra (September 25th, 2022) puts us in touch with Venus, sensual pleasure, the love of beauty and harmony in all things. Pleasure, beauty, and Spirit align in the practice of spiritual bathing, and the universal reverence or recognition of water as a substance for cleansing, purifying and restoring our whole being. A spiritual bath usually combines water, prayer, and ritual--and sometimes flowers or plants--to cleanse, purify, refresh and renew the spirit.

In their book, Spiritual Bathing, Nadine Epstein and Rosita Arvigo go into detail about traditions around the world, from Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, to the Maya, Aztec, and Inca; Hindu and Buddhist rituals, and ceremonies from African traditions. They offer plenty of practical guidance, recipes and tips as well! Their book is a treasure for anyone wishing to both broaden and deepen their perspective on ritual, spirituality and sacred baths.

Here are a few common threads across cultures:

~Water is sacred and can cleanse and purify the spirit
~Spiritual baths separate the mundane from the spiritual
~Spiritual baths help people open to spiritual guidance and the wisdom and beauty of Nature and the Divine
~Spiritual bathing removes negative influences and creates an energetic layer of protection
~Ritual baths are used to purify altar statues and ceremonial tools

Get Creative! Tips for creating your own spiritual bathing ritual

~Gather your supplies—especially if you share a bathroom, it is a good idea to dedicate a special basket for your ritual items and suds-ing supplies...

~Candles create a lovely flickering light that is very soothing for the nervous system.

~Lighting a stick of lavender incense, or adding a few drops of essential oil to the water, is very calming as well. A bundle of Eucalyptus leaves hung from your showerhead will release their refreshing fragrance into the air.

~A meditation or prayer of your choice--perhaps a selection from To Bless the Space Between Us, a book of blessings by poet and student of beauty, John O'Donohue; or a poem from Mala of Love, a collection of 108 blessings, prayers and invocations of love and peace.

~You can bring some crystals with you, or bathe with crystal-infused soaps…A small but essential luxury, crystal bar soaps combine the restorative benefits of charged crystals and essential oils, and when you finish using the soap you will have a new crystal to add to your collection.

~Tips for flower baths: Place the fresh or dried leaves & flowers in a basin with water for 3 hours. Crush the plants with your hands in the water until the water takes on a greenish color and the plant parts are well mashed. Pour 2 quartz of boiling water over the plants, cover, and allow them to steep for 30 minutes. Once the water is at a comfortable temperature, pour it into the bathtub, or pour it over your body from a dipper (or ladle!).

For those of us who live in smaller spaces…Do not worry—You do not need a bath, per se…sometimes a luxurious foot soak will do! A splashing fountain may stand in for the sprinkling of rain, and your shower can take the place of a waterfall… As with any ritual, its transformative power comes from within, and the processes of imagining and preparing for the ritual are as important as the bath itself.

Follow your intuition to create a ceremony that is unique to you and your needs. Find supplies and inspiration at Paradise Found--our aim is to support you on your personal journey, as you explore your spiritual side, try new things, learn & grow, and seek out peace, love & good vibes.

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