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These 90-day guided journals are designed to help you create a habit of regular self-care, cultivate mindfulness, and focus on your overall well-being.

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Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal offers a space to commit to your self-care routine with intention and dedication--helping you develop positive thinking, overcome challenging and stressful experiences and negative emotions, and cultivate a general sense of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. This guided journal encourages the cultivation of mindfulness and general well-being amid a busy modern lifestyle.

This 90-day journal gives you a path to creating a habit of regular self-care that you can carry with you throughout your life. Immersed in your busy day-to-day activities, it's easy to forget to focus on the present and what's most important. This journal provides a place to record your thoughts and activities and consider how they affect your emotional and physical health.

The journal is intended for those who want to foster deep reflection as well as for those who simply want to take better care of themselves. Having filled the journal with positive thoughts and routines, you will end up with a personal trove of wonderful reflections, which can be a source of positive inspiration at any time.

Filled with delicate illustrations, this 90-day journal will help you integrate self-care and deep reflection into your life. Its 184 lined, acid-free pages made from archival paper take both pen and pencil nicely.



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Plan and track your digital detox with this 90-day journal featuring morning and evening practices designed to help you unplug from your phone, step away from your screen, and live a more present life. In this overworked, hyper-connected world, overdependence on technology can become a problem for even the most mindful of us, and sometimes it becomes necessary to take a step back and unplug.

Unplug: A Day and Night ReflectionJournal is a conscious tool to help you track and record your screen time and your non-screen time, giving you space to plan and reflect on habits and activities that don't include technology.

Designed as a 90-day support system for your digital detox plan, each daily spread includes a morning practice for beginning your day with intention and an evening practice for reflecting on your challenges and achievements. Featuring delicate illustrations and a graceful, contemporary design, this 90-day journal is perfect for those trying to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with themselves.


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