The Shining Tribe Tarot: The Definitive Edition

Rachel Pollack invites you to join the shining tribe of diviners and visionaries. As you continue along the sacred journey of self-discovery, let The Shining Tribe Tarot cards shine a path for you.

"All of us who work with Tarot form a kind of tribe, one whose roots go back many thousands of years before the actual appearance of Tarot cards. This is the tribe of diviners, those special magicians, shamans, psychics, and visionaries who use cards, or sticks, or trees, or stones, or shells to communicate with the Gods."
~Rachel Pollack
“Use this deck to transport yourself to sacred realms, found in both ancient and everyday places, where the messages of Spirit abound. Rachel Pollack offers guidance with the voice of an oracle as powerful and relevant as the wisdom coming from the Pythia of old. Use both and become part of the Shining Tribe of diviners.”
~Mary K. Greer, author of Archetypal Tarot, Tarot for Your Self, and numerous other books

The Shining Tribe Tarot: The Definitive Edition (83 Cards and 272-Page Full-Color Guidebook)

Embark on a Sacred Journey of Self-Discovery, with Bestselling Author and Tarot Master Rachel Pollack and the Shining Tribe of Diviners as Your Guides. From Rachel Pollack, the renowned author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness, widely referred to as the "Tarot bible," this deck and guidebook invite readers to join the "shining tribe" of diviners and take a timeless sacred journey of self-discovery.

Human beings have practiced the art of divination for millennia. In some cultures, diviners studied patterns in nature--the flight of birds, the forms of clouds, or the arrangement of the stars in the night sky. In others, they created elaborate divinatory systems such as the I Ching and the Tarot. Drawing from the legacy of 50,000 years of human encounters with the Divine, Tarot scholar Rachel Pollack has created The Shining Tribe Tarot.

The Shining Tribe Tarot cards are steeped in symbolism drawn from culturally diverse systems including Neolithic rock art, Native American and African shamanism, Aboriginal art, the Kabbalah, Jungian psychology, and the traditional Tarot. The accompanying book includes detailed descriptions of the origin and history of the symbols depicted on each card of this unique deck, as well as explanations of their meanings in divinatory spreads. The minor arcana is focused in nature, with the suits represented by stones, rivers, trees, and birds.

The Shining Tribe Tarot was previously published. This new Weiser Books edition includes color corrections to the card art as directed by Rachel Pollack and five new cards not available in the previous edition (including one addition to the major arcana and one extra card in each of the minor arcana suits). The accompanying book has been revised and expanded and, for the first time, is printed in full color.

About the Author

Rachel Pollack (1945–2023) was the leading light and foremost influence on modern Tarot. Her bestselling book, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness, first published in 1980 and never out of print, is widely described as the “Bible of Tarot.” She was the creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot and wrote the books for numerous other decks, including The Vertigo Tarot and Salvador Dali's Tarot. Pollack taught at the famed Omega Institute for over thirty years.

Praise for The Shining Tribe Tarot

“How lucky we are to have The Shining Tribe Tarot back in print! This unique deck captures the beautiful, brilliant spirit of Rachel Pollack. Mythical images, poetry, stories, and divinatory interpretations weave together to form a colorful tapestry that will inspire tarot readers and fans to go deeper than they’ve ever gone before. Five new cards add fresh insights and will delight those who loved the original deck. Rachel may be gone, but her contributions continue to invite every lover of tarot to be part of her mystical, magical tribe.”

~Theresa Reed, author of The Cards You’re Dealt

“‘Legacy’ is not a word one uses lightly, but that is what Rachel Pollack has left us. The Shining Tribe Tarot is a culmination of a lifetime of esoteric study and practice, and it is as brilliant as its maker. This deck glows with vibrant beauty and deep wisdom, and it is sure to unlock grand gateways for those lucky enough to work with its magic.”

~Pam Grossman, author of Waking the Witch

“Recolored under Rachel Pollack’s direction and with five new cards, this third incarnation of The Shining Tribe Tarot will prove itself to be a notable landmark in modern tarot history. Visual poetry inspired by primitivism, Pollack’s genius and imagination shines in these cards, while her wisdom radiates from every page of this insightful guidebook.”

~Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot

“Rachel Pollack left a spectacular, magical body of work to guide us on our respective journeys. But The Shining Tribe Tarot is something more. This deck is a direct thread from Rachel’s soul to you and me, connecting us—her spiritual descendants—so that we can discover the sacred in our daily lives together. By picking up this deck we’ve become members of Rachel’s ‘Shining Tribe.’ Welcome to the family!”

~Rashunda Tramble of and coauthor of The Numinous Tarot Guide

“As you journey with the Shining Tribe, you’re immersing yourself in Pollack’s lasting legacy. This extraordinary deck opens doors to the enchanting world of tarot like never before. The Shining Tribe Tarot isn’t just a deck; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of tarot’s magic and wisdom, expressed through a pure stream of archetypal consciousness. Rachel Pollack’s significant presence in the tarot sphere is well-deserved, and this deck reaffirms another example of her remarkable contributions to it.”

~Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch, Mastering Magick, and coauthor of Pisces Witch

“Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe Tarot is powerful. She reminds us that we are as mythic as the stirring gods, as archetypal as elements, and as sacred as the stories we tell. Pollack gently nudges us out of the daily dreamstate to remind us that we, too, are ‘shining ones’ dancing outside of time.”

~Sasha Graham, author of Dark Wood Tarot and The Magic of Tarot

“Equal parts mythology, Kabbalah, tarot, philosophy, religion, history, and magic, Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe Tarot is a rerelease of a deck that was wholly her own creation—art and words. This full-color treasure has a new palette, five new cards, pages that are colored to match the cards they’re discussing, and detailed descriptions of the symbols and history of this deck and each card. Rachel Pollack remains the pinnacle of all her fields. She who is remembered, lives. Rachel isn’t going anywhere.”

~Melissa Cynova, author of Kitchen Table Tarot
“To learn to play seriously is one of the great secrets of spiritual exploration.
~ Rachel Pollack, The Forest of Souls: A Walk Through the Tarot
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