Snow Full Moon in Leo Meditation & Ritual

Join us this Sunday, 2/5 from 6pm-7pm for a Snow Full Moon Meditation with Rose DeLos Angeles!

Snow Full Moon in Leo Meditation & Ritual
Fire & Passion of Love
When: February 5th, 6pm-7pm
Where: Instagram Live on the page of Paradise Found @paradisefoundsb

As this sizzling full of fire Full Moon in Leo comes in, we feel the depths of her passion, desires and loving energy. This is a time to give and receive love as well. The more you open your heart the more you will receive love.

In this meditation we will be focusing on opening the heart & high heart chakra.

We will also open pathways in your life where you want more love in, whether it be in relationships with your partner, family, want to have love and passion in work again, fall in love with life again or any other area in life you want love and passion in, we will open those pathways.

Just like the woman in the graphic she's feeling exalted love, passion, feeling ecstasy. She's feeling the fire of love.

Do you know what areas of life you want this type of love? We can certainly open it up and that pathway for it to come in.

Please note:

If you would like to have any crystals present or light any candles, please do so. Whatever you feel called to have present with you will be charged up with the ritual energy! Suggested crystals for this meditation are rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline, mangano pink calcite.

If you have a list of your heart's desires/intentions, it will be taken up by your Guardian Angel & Cosmic Angels of the Universe up to become manifest.

Artist: @crownandpallette

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