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We are delighted! We are excited! Perennial favorites are back! Come to Paradise Found for Angel Rejuvenation, Shield of Light, and many more synergistic sprays.

A synergistic blend of flower and gemstone essences
Infused with pure essential oils
In a base of Activated Sacred Healing Water.

We are delighted! We are excited! Perennial favorites are back! Star Flower Essences originated right here in Santa Barbara by master essence creator Star Riparetti in 1994.

Paradise Found was one of the very first shops to carry her creations. The pandemic put a wrinkle in the supply chain and production, and for a bit we weren't able to get them but they are back now!!!

Come down to Paradise Found and browse our full selection of 10 unique sprays. Here are two of our favorites:

Angel Rejuvenation

Divine facial and aura mist. The benefits of both vibrational essences and aromatherapy in one bottle. A miraculous blend of the Wiñay Wayna Andean Orchid essence, Eternal Youth, and essential oils known for their qualities of being rejuvenating, cleansing, antiseptic and uplifting. Lifts the spirit to a higher vibration, bringing immediate clarity and many smiles. Can open awareness to the angelic realm during meditation.

Spray above the head and let it float down... or spray your pillow, your face, your space, or your whole body!

Oils of Frankincense, Lavender & Geranium

2 oz glass bottle with spray top | Click HERE to purchase online

Shield of Light

Set healthy vibrational boundaries. Shield of Light assists the creation of a harmonic frequency around you so nothing disruptive can enter your field. A valuable formula for healers and other sensitive folks! Great for empaths.

Also helps to filter electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices and high tension wires. Feel confident! Lovely to use on the perimeters of your house, yard, office, etc. (inside and out). Many have reported that this spray helps them to drift into a pleasant night's sleep, wrapped in its fragrant cocoon of safety and reassurance.

Oils of Rosemary, Frankincense & Lemongrass

2 oz | Click HERE to purchase online

And many more!

Blue Lotus Temple

Crystal Clear

Happy Kid

Holy Harmony

Love, Lover, Beloved

Prosperity Alchemy

Sacred Sanctuary

Meet the Maker

Star Riparetti | Creator and founder of Star Essence Flower and Gemstone Essences

Star spent most of her life in Santa Barbara, California and currently lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She feels she was prepared for her work with essences for most of her life.

She began her career in vibrational medicine as chief technician and director of the school of Nuclear Medicine at the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara. After 14 years there she moved to the other end of the spectrum; from isotopes to essences of flowers and gemstones, both of which are a form of energetic or vibrational medicine.

When she heard the flowers call she studied with both the Bach Society and FES (Flower Essence Services) and read everything she could find about flower essences (at that time there wasn't much). She went on to become an exceptionally skilled vibrational essence producer, and to create the evolutionary Star Essences.

Star is passionate about her work and creating essences makes her heart sing, which she says is a sure indicator that she is on her right path. A true Aquarian Visionary, she is a rare gift to the field of vibrational medicine and brings a joy and integrity to her products that can literally be felt in every drop!

Star's deepest desire is that her essences will truly contribute to human evolution and to the emerging world of Peace and well being for every living creature on this beautiful Earth.

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