Limitation is Power! | Wisdom from the Sufi Tradition

"Don't look for water, become thirsty. Necessity develops organs of perception! O man, increase your necessity, So that you may increase your perception." ~Rumi

Today's oracle card is "Limitation is Power! Leap into your limitations," from the Sufi Wisdom Oracle:

Don't look for water, become thirsty.
Necessity develops organs of perception!
O man, increase your necessity,
So that you may increase your perception.

"Do you have a great idea that you have placed on the back burner just because you thought it required resources outside of your reach? Well! The great mystic Rumi is talking to you. He wants you to realize that the flaring fire of inspiration is mostly sparked by limitation. Necessity provides incentive, which is the mother of all invention. It only takes love and extended faith to make it happen.

The oracle is guiding you to embrace your new ideas creatively, to capitalize on them through your innovative capability. View them as opportunities, rather than problems, and you will marvel at the brilliance which can evolve from limitation. Limitation is the fertile ground in which the seeds of creativity sprout and grow. Challenges, when approached positively, become helpful in getting creative juices flowing.

Remember, dear one, to be ready to adapt. Be flexible, prepare to bend and make shifts as it becomes necessary. When unexpected things happen, do not see them as obstacles to your creativity. Respond with imagination and a new way of looking at them that becomes part of the creation itself. Improvise within the conditions and create with what you are given. The more you become aware of this process, the more you can affect what happens."


I am determined to lean into what seems to be a limitation and allow it to create a shift in the way I perceive the experience.

I realize my limitations will allow me greater freedom of spirit and soul, which is the precious gift of divine grace.

Rassouli - Visionary Artist, Author, Translator, and Creator of the Sufi Wisdom Oracle

Rassouli is a visionary artist and author, raised by his family to learn classical Sufi poetry by heart even before he could read and write. His paintings reflect the beauty in which he was raised, in the streaming vibrations of the playfulness of the Sufi mystics, listening to the voices of some of the great loves of the world, as he whirled with his beloved Sufi uncle, who guided his education.

Rassouli's art brings light and beauty to Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle and the Journey of Love Oracle Cards. His decades of intimate study of Sufi poetry led him to write Hafiz: The Wisdom of Madness, a beautiful volume of translated poems that are true to the original Persian, with an illuminating introductory chapter exploring Hafiz's historical context and the beauty of his language, and use of metaphor to approach the divine with the language of love. Rassouli lives in Southern California.

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