They're Back! We'Moon 2023 Astrological Planners & Calendars

Just in the door--We'Moon 2023 calendars! As always, they are filled with beautiful art, poetry, recipes, stories and all kinds of astrological information. Much, much more than a time tracking device.

Best-selling lunar calendar & visionary collection of women's creative work from around the world.
An earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms.
Full of astrological information and forecasts.

Just in the door--We'Moon 2023 calendars! As always, they are filled with beautiful art, poetry, recipes, stories and all kinds of other amazing information. Much, much more than a time tracking device.

The team at Mother Tongue Ink have spent the year collecting art and poetry from contributors across the globe, gathering astrological information and forecasts, and weaving them into a rich tapestry of art and insight.

Through thick and thin, they dedicate their time and energy to the production of this fabulous resource, and we are so thankful to them for their heartfelt vocation. YES to art! YES to beauty! YES to poetry! We are grateful and excited for this year's We'Moon.

Spiral-Bound Datebook

A potent resource for information and inspiration, and a daily source of strength.
A spiritual touchstone, a center point by which to ground yourself daily in a wholehearted, Earth-first, peaceful and powerful mindset.
  • Astrological data in Pacific Standard Time
  • Moon phases depicted for everyday
  • Notation of when the moon changes signs
  • Void of Course Moon date, time, and aspects
  • Notation of when the Sun changes signs
  • Astrological predictions for every sun sign in the zodiac
  • Holiday / Holy Day writings about each of the Wiccan / Pagan celebrations days
  • Over 100 images of fabulous feminist art and over 100 righteous writings by amazing poets and storytellers. All of these works are submitted by women from all over the world
  • The planner is laid out in a week-at-a-glance format
  • Month-at-a-glance moon phase calendar pages in the appendix
  • Year-at-a-glance calendars with full and new moons for both the current and following year, so you can schedule your full and new moon circles well in advance
  • Full Ephemeris located in the back of the book with retrograde periods highlighted for every planet

...And so much more!

22.95 Spiral-Bound Weekly Datebook | Buy Online

Wall Calendar

We'Moon on the Wall is a simplified version of the datebook, featuring 12"x 12" reproductions of a vibrant work of art for each month, selected from the 150+ pieces published in the datebook.

It is a Month-at-a-glance Moon Phase Calendar showing the Moon phases for each day, graphically illustrated in light blue and yellow color tones to indicate when the Moon is Waxing or Waning, light enough to make any notations you write on the calendar still visible.

  • Daily Moon Phases graphically depicted
  • Notation for when the Moon changes signs
  • The year-at-a-glance with full and new moons noted
  • Planetary insights for the year
  • Notations and writings for the 8 pagan holidays
  • Astrological prediction and overview for the year
  • All major astrological transits noted
  • Notations for Solar and Lunar eclipses

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • 34 pages in full color • 12” x 12”

17.95 Wall Calendar | Buy Online

Women from all over the world submit thousands of offerings of art and writing every year to the We'Moon Lunar Calendar. The Datebook and the Wall Calendar are a harvest of those treasures, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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