They're Here! We'Moon 2024 & The Galactic Calendar

This just in! Our first 2024 calendars are here...Illuminate and inspire your year with We'Moon's 2024 Luminations calendar for a treasure trove of astrological insights, lunar rhythms, art, poetry, rituals & recipes, and more...& Partake of multi-dimensional guidance & visionary artwork from The Galactic Calendar.

2024 We'Moon: Luminations edition

Best-selling lunar calendar & visionary collection of women's creative work.
An earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms.
Full of astrological information and forecasts.

Hot off the press! The 2024 Luminations edition of We'Moon is in! Available as both a wall calendar and spiral bound day planner edition.

This earth-spirited astrological moon calendar is a visionary collection of women’s creative work. As with previous years, it is filled with delicious art, poetry and juicy information written by and for women around the world.

We'Moon is a comprehensive guide to astrology and lunar cycles on a weekly and monthly basis. More than a planner, it dives into the mystical realms of the cosmos, creative psyche, culinary arts and the literary work of women from all walks of life around the globe.

We'Moon is the perfect calendar for those who are interested in living by the lunar rhythms.

Weekly Datebook

The 2024 We'Moon weekly datebook is a potent resource for information and inspiration, and a daily source of strength. A spiritual touchstone, a center point by which to ground yourself daily in a wholehearted, Earth-first, peaceful and powerful mindset.

This planner is laid out in a week-at-a-glance format, with Month-at-a-glance moon phase calendar pages in the appendix, and Year-at-a-glance calendars with full and new moons for both the current and following year, so you can schedule your full and new moon circles well in advance.

Filled with over 100 images of fabulous feminist art and over 100 righteous writings by amazing poets and storytellers. All of these works are submitted by women from all over the world.

~Astrological data in Pacific Standard Time
~Moon phases depicted for everyday
~Notation of when the sun and moon change signs
~Void of Course Moon date, time, and aspects
~Full Ephemeris located in the back of the book with retrograde periods highlighted for every planet
~Astrological predictions for every sun sign in the zodiac
~Holiday / Holy Day writings about each of the Wiccan / Pagan celebrations days

5.7 x 8 inches
240 pages
Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper

22.95 | Available in-shop and online | Purchase online        

Wall calendar

We'Moon on the Wall is a simplified version of the We'Moon datebook, featuring 12 by 12 inch reproductions of a vibrant work of art for each month, selected from the 100+ pieces published in the datebook.

It is a Month-at-a-glance Moon Phase Calendar showing the Moon phases for each day, graphically illustrated in light blue and yellow color tones to indicate when the Moon is Waxing or Waning, light enough to make any notations you write on the calendar still visible.

~Daily Moon Phases graphically depicted
~Notation for when the Moon changes signs
~The year-at-a-glance with full and new moons noted
~Planetary insights for the year
~Notations and writings for the 8 pagan holidays
~Astrological prediction and overview for the year
~All major astrological transits noted
~Notations for Solar and Lunar eclipses

12 by 12 inches
34 pages in full color
Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink

17.95 | Available in-shop and online | Purchase online

The Galactic Calendar

White Overtone Wizard Year: July 26, 2023 - July 25, 2024
Full Color Wall Calendar & Daily Galactic Guide

Just in the door, this Calendar features 13 Visionary Artists from around the World! Also includes a simple Guidebook to Synchronize your daily life with the Galactic Energies!      

This is no ordinary calendar. It is a portal to another dimension...Expand your reality by stepping into a new dimension of time. This easy to use, cosmic system is a daily calendar that will transform your life by transforming your relationship to Time itself.      

Our time on Earth is precious. Our time is our creative life-force. The actual nature of time is not linear, and cannot be fully realized within the blank squares of the ordinary 12-month calendar.

The true nature of time is a magical, flowing, 4th-dimensional order that synchronizes all moments, events, and relations as a grand web of meaning. This Galactic Calendar enters us into conscious contact with this web of meaning, and expands our entire context of reality.

Follow along with the daily flow of Galactic energies and attune to the creative potential of each new day. Allow the harmonies of color, number and symbol to activate your cosmic self, and infuse magic into your life's journey!

25.00 | Available in-shop only!

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