Liberate Your Inner Child! Tap into the Enlivening Energy of Play

“Creativity and the world of the imagination—the beauty of what we see as a child and the kind of play that we experience as a child—can be a way for us to survive tough times.” ~Diane Paulus

“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good”
~Lucia Capocchione, Art Therapist 

Playing liberates the inner child in all of us!

Summer solstice June 20th and we have eased into the summer months wanting to discover or re-discover perhaps the days when we are most relaxed, playful, adventurous and creative. The sun, warmth and long days remind us of childhood and our endless summer time creating and playing to our hearts' content. 

As a side effect of what we have been through globally, a sense of despondency has possessed a fraction of the population. Severe consequences for being here, as humans at this time leave people at a loss for action to resolve our current situation. As time apparently speeds up and we are squeezed between a reality that doesn’t match our vision for the transcendent good and that very vision being realized, in a haze of confusion we navigate these treacherous waters seeking a calmer shore upon which to land. 

We have been swept away by an enormous wave of fear generated in part, by media. In childhood, without a concept of the practical, we created solutions to our challenges. We became superheroes to overcome whatever imagined evils descended upon us. There was faith that ‘magic’ and belief in such, conquered all. Every possibility became an excitement en route to bringing ‘peace to the land’. 

“Creativity and the world of the imagination—the beauty of what we see as a child and the kind of play that we experience as a child—can be a way for us to survive tough times.”
~Diane Paulus, theater director

It is through play that we generate an energy that enlivens. Through play we step out of belief and into the world of ‘everything is possible’ because I do not think! Energy flows abundantly in play and we discover our selves like fountains of giving. Children can be such generous little beings...offering whatever they have found in the forest or field and so often with a heartwarming smile. Children are the ambassadors of Being which automatically infers a solid connection to a Truth that many of us seek to reconfirm throughout our lives. 

What a precious gift the child within! And what magic to reunite with and experience the wild freedom that as youngsters we so easily expressed. Summer is a time for wild adventure for all ages and feeling taller than and wider than our usual concept of self. We expand to encompass the universe, to be the universe knowing that all things are possible and I am not the fear glazed across our perception but the endless source of potential that moves continuously just below phenomenal experience.  

“The true object of all human life is play.”
~G. K. Chesterton, Br. Author

The sign that ushers us into summer days is Cancer, ruled by the moon and fully expressed through feeling. The emotional self is attended to. And it behooves us to explore our emotional network as we move from dependency (the child and mother relationship—Cancer is the sign of the mother) to a place of independence. When we have emotional needs or expectations we are not as free to be in relationship in an emotionally mature way. Due to childhood wounding many adults lack the tools to relate in life in a healthy way. Our ability to connect to the healthy inner child is limited. As adults our capacity for play can also be limited; our ability to be creative blocked.

New Moon July 9 @ 18 degrees Cancer 6:17 p.m. PT

This new moon in Cancer is an opportunity to delve into our deeper emotional awareness, to discover what lies within in terms of healthy emotional perspective or the extent to which we may still be wounded; to get a sense of what is needed to feel emotionally independent.

When our relationship with our mother from inception is balanced, we receive the nurturing needed to go out into the world with a relative feeling of wholeness. Many do not receive the necessary care and connection to experience the world without looking for the caring quality we missed. 

This New Moon is aspected by Uranus, a planet that we mention frequently recently as it is playing a major role in our lives. As it stands for evolution, thinking outside the box and has a vision of what is for the good of ‘community’, it’s position in relation to Cancer and our emotional needs becomes rather conducive to letting go in order to experience the freedom that Uranus also demands. As Uranus continues to be in square to Saturn, there is a tenacity in how we proceed toward this freedom of being; freedom from fear, dependency, and the suffering that results. 

When our inner child is liberated a desire for play returns to us. The imagination is boundless and we are open to a world in which magic and miracles happen on a regular basis. This New Moon also has a conjunction of Mars the pursuer and Venus the pursued. The masculine and the feminine in the sign of Leo where we want to shine and give from the heart. 

The child in Leo is supported by a need to be seen and given attention. The drive to be either or is brought into harmony by this conjunction so that we have a momentary sense of what peace there may be with yin/yang united. Allows us more time for creative self expression and self realization. 

Can we allow our selves to finally be seen and can we attend to that which wishes to receive as well as give? As we all know when we have the capacity for giving everything flows to us naturally. Back to the beginning...children have a deep desire for giving and they do so unconditionally until the conditions of the adult world weigh heavily upon them and that avenue fades. 

Reaching through the wounding to a place where our light shines forth endlessly is an intention for this New Moon that releases us from very old patterns of need that are long over due for demolition. Gently though, we traverse this path and journey forward in the perfect timing that works for each of us. No judgment, no deadlines only deep love and compassion for each of us as we bravely forge ahead. 

“It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.”
~D.W. Winnicott,  Br. Pediatrician
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