Claiming The Love That Is Waiting For You by Lani Reagan

“Love. It’s the Great Answer to Everything.”
~Elizabeth Lesser

Aloneness is a funny thing, because while it has the capacity to reveal us in the pain our longingness, it also can bring us to the space of understanding how out of alignment we’ve become from knowing ourselves as Loved, Intelligent, Esteemed and Empowered. Aloneness can challenge us to explore the sense of feeling separated, despondent or unloved. No one is immune from these experiences and the task for us all remains the same, to claim right alignment with the Love that is waiting for us. A whole array of human emotions exists along this spectrum of feelings including but not limited to desperation, rejection, scared, terrified, value-less, and many more. While these emotions can feel intense to your body and psyche, these are plainly fluctuations, when you learn how to reference them from the perspective of experiencing Your True Nature.

Last month’s article focused on claiming right alignment with your True Nature and this month we’ll discuss what it means and looks like to claim alignment with the Love that is waiting for you. The goal is to claim your right alignment by starting with claiming alignment in your heart space, where the heart chakra originates. Every time you do this, you train your nervous system to become acclimated to the love you are and leave off your attachments to experiencing the sensation of feeling unlovable or abandoned. Eventually you’ll arrive at a place of understanding the state of aloneness through the eyes of love, not separation.

If you’re ready to absorb the information coming up, try activating your heart space by taking 3 slow deep breaths and affirming “I am super receptive and ultra conductive to the love that is waiting for me now”.

Here we go…

The heart chakra originates from the spinal column and expands out to the rear of the body and to the front of the body, terminating 3-6 inches or so off the body in an etheric wheel of energy known as a chakra. Mystics know these chakras as whirling vortices of energy that emit a radiance or a type of light. An energy-work practitioner or clairvoyant might “see” this light coming in and going out from the chakra. A good clairvoyant experienced with the chakras, will see the size, shape and rate of spin and be able to assess for many energetic imbalances as a result.

From my work, I’ve come to understand that the healing or energizing of the heart chakra is central to so much more than the health of your physical heart, or your emotional life, because it governs your spiritual evolution as well. When I use the phrase, “claiming the love that is waiting for you” I am referring to the love energy that is always available to us in this area of the heart chakra. Specifically, it’s about becoming aware of the space off of your body, where the etheric heart chakra resides.

Try this one exercise to see if you notice a difference in your physical experience:

Close your eyes and tap the center of your chest and be aware of that space on your skin for 2 breathing cycles and assess; then open your eyes and hold the tip of your finger 6 inches or so away from that same spot and then, placing your hand on your lap and closing your eyes, be aware of that space off your body for 2 breathing cycles.

Which spot had you feeling more expansive? Since energy goes where your thoughts flow, typically, placing your awareness 6 inches off the body will correspondingly feel “larger” or more “expansive” than focusing on the physical spot on your body is likely to feel. So the trick is to focus on the space off the body that corresponds to the heart chakra. You may not be able to see it, but you’ll know it’s there when you place your awareness on it for any amount of time. You can also use your hand placed on your heart as a baseline to get your nervous system’s attention there first and then move out into the heart chakra with your awareness.  

When you are afflicted with stress, and find the details and inner dialoguing going round and round in your head, last month’s True Nature Affirmation will help you to have some stillness, which can help you prepare to drop into your heart to expand the energy. However, expanding your energy by directing your thoughts and attention to the heart chakra located off the body, will create the space that you can then “drop” into. You may think you are doing the exercise in an attempt to feel less suffering, or to claim the love that you ARE, but you are merely doing the exercise to move energy.

When there is no expectation about what the results will be, and you practice observing, you’ll be surprised that the Love you generate from this area of your body will begin the process of claiming the Love that is waiting for you. This is because the heart chakra goes wherever you go, it never leaves your side or I should say your chest, it’s a true companion that often goes overlooked or gets ignored. 

To amplify your alignment, you can mentally affirm the words “Loving-Kindness and Non-Injuriousness”; “Self-Compassion”; “Self-Mercy”; “Self-Love”. These are all frequencies that make the heart chakra expand because your heart chakra is a Being of Divine love and intelligence. Your Heart Chakra has some degree of will or a mind of it’s own; still it’s subject to You the Soul, You the True Nature part of you, so when you direct it via words it will naturally respond. The only reason why it wouldn’t have a resonant response to those words is because other negative energies or thoughtforms are flowing through your system. Don’t let this experience stop you because the longer you hold your attention at the heart the more You are acting like a faithful dog owner, holding a steady reign on your attention so that your heart can be trained in that frequency.

But what can you do about the doubt or resistances that keep telling you it’s not working or making your mind disbelieve in the words you're affirming?

To handle the negative thoughts that make you want to give up or stop your practice, requires another level of expanding your awareness. It involves using your heart energy for something good, for the sake of doing good or for goodwill’s sake. Energetically it means, you’ll need to be willing to share some of the love in your heart chakra with others. This is the fastest way to feel love's impact on your body and life, especially when you come up against resistance or start doubting that this can work.

To do this, simply be aware of a smaller sized planet earth in front of you. Visualize the earth 1-2 feet in front of you and with your awareness and intention, radiate a soft pinkish, white light from your heart chakra directly to the planet Earth in front of you. See the Earth lit up a beautiful pinkish light as you take 5-7 slow belly breaths holding the intention of sending love to all people and beings unconditionally. Be careful to notice how your heart feels as you send this light to the earth after doing this, then try affirming the words we suggested earlier and see if you aren’t feeling more loving-kindness, self compassion, self-mercy, self-love? The trick to claiming the love that’s waiting for you is in how you manipulate your own awareness, how you use and direct it. Furthermore, having the intention of surrendering and letting go as you do this keeps the love expanding and the negative energy evaporating. 

A modification of this technique is to radiate love at people you know who need it, or to a beloved that you may need to clean things up with. As you do so, love-energy will heal old worn out dynamics in a divine way for the highest good of all concerned. Plus, it will release you from co-creating those dynamics with others in the future. 

When you incorporate these practices into your daily routine, I am confident that you’ll be on your way to claiming the love that is waiting for you and well on your way to manifesting the outward experience of happy, healthy love in your life. If you think having a love reading will help you more distinctly manifest love and partnership, I’m happy to see you when you book a session with me through the Paradise Found online portal. To “claiming the love that is waiting for you” and all of your other heart’s desires!

Infinite blessings, Lani

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