Contradiction: Confusion or Clarity?

Learning to let go is a new level of maturity; to realize that when I let go and resistance subsides I am exactly where I have always wanted to be. The eye of the storm is trust and knowing and stillness.

“There isn’t any hell or heaven except for how we relate to our world.”
~Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape
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At this time, when there are many questions and few answers that do not contradict each other, we may feel as though we wander in a dream without destination, without clarity. If we continually look for answers outside of our selves we will find that everyone has a thought. And they may all be different depending on what one has read or heard or what my particular beliefs are. Does any of it promote peace of mind?


"Peace of mind—no expectation, worry free, free of past and future thoughts that are binding, freedom from suffering—free. In THIS moment there is only This and, “You are the moment in which all is.”  
~Papaji, Sri H.W.L Poonja


In this truth our thoughts struggle to remain so important. They are lost in the infinite emptiness of Being. Thoughts give way to the ever present flow that is Reality and the organic way in which all unfolds without our interference. It is our interference, often characterized by resistance or wanting to be in control that causes waves to appear on the otherwise calm surface of the pond. We let go and the pond returns to stillness.


Learning to let go is a new level of maturity; to realize that when I let go and resistance subsides I am exactly where I have always wanted to be. The eye of the storm is trust and knowing and stillness.


“We are always standing at the center of the world in the middle of sacred space...”
~Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape


The center is analogous to that place of Being where there are no queries, no desires and I am free to observe uninhibited by anything that moves around me on the great screen of illusion. I watch with joy and gentle spirit knowing that all occurs as it will—beyond any control or attempt to alter.


In the deepest confusion is also the greatest light. It may sound like a contradiction except that when we are utterly baffled the outcome is often letting go. We have exhausted all attempts to figure things out. Letting go of the need to know. Letting go of the need to protect. In this we accept what is. This is what is in this moment and as it is no other way, better, more or different, there is absolutely no confusion. The windows are wide open. The breeze travels lightly on and I am free to travel with it.


New Moon August 8th at 16 degrees of Leo 6:50 a.m. (PT)

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This astrological moment is defined by contradiction and so presents us with challenges to remain calm as opposing forces pull and push us to let go of that which rocks our boat.


The Sun/Moon at 16 degrees Leo is square to (90 degree aspect) Uranus. We have talked a lot about Uranus as it has been square to Saturn this entire year and will continue in proximity through the end of this year into the next. This pairing creates tension through the force of change and freedom (Uranus) meeting that of the status quo and responsibility (Saturn). With Uranus square to Sun/Moon in Leo there is a need to free the self of egoic illusion and self-importance to gain access to a deeper awareness. So many souls have awakened to a sense of Truth that is experienced through ease, grace and compassion. Freedom from conditioning gives us a chance; to dance and play and feel the life that is our nature. We do not create our nature. Our nature is, long before this one breathed.


Leo which rules the 5th house of creativity/self-expression, children, romance and Self-realization must initially see the self expressed individually, to be recognized for this expression, before being motivated to experience the same on a deeper level. The child within embraced allows for the healing of old wounds and the dissolving of patterns. We go from self-realization to realization of Self. The joy of individual recognition becomes the joy of recognizing the limitless infinite potential of expression.


And always with the Sun and Moon aligned there is the enhanced capacity for moments of knowing no separation. ‘I’ am not separate from that which I perceive as my ‘audience’. There is no I and other. I am other. Replacing I with other is an interesting little exercise.


Another important aspect in this New Moon chart is the opposition of Jupiter in Aquarius to Mercury in Leo. On the 8th it is still five degrees of separation but will be in exact opposition on the 11th. These few days the energy flows from a place of self-expression to a place of expression of Self. Mercury’s effort in Leo to be heard and acknowledged is influenced by Jupiter in Aquarius to think out of the box, to experience adventure and innovation with less focus on what I think I know. Jupiter in Aquarius promotes liberation through expanded thinking. Genius and wisdom unite.


Another opposition affecting us during this New Moon is that between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Two very different energies coming together that have the potential of creating great confusion! Venus in Virgo is practical and discerning while Neptune in Pisces is boundless imagination. Again we can expect encouragement to let go. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and even though Venus is the goddess of love, in Virgo she has particular desires that can inhibit the flow of love. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is unconditional love, in Pisces promotes openness that includes all, without exception. No judgement.


In general Neptune at this time is nudging us to higher ground in terms of how we treat our selves and others. We are gentler with our selves and therefore more empathetic and gentler with others. In Pema Chodron’s book, The Wisdom of No Escape she discusses letting go as a process “that is not so easy...Rather its something that happens as a result of working with precision and gentleness.”


John Butler, a man of great wisdom living in Bakewell, UK and a YouTube phenom at the age of eighty-three, demonstrates his perspective on letting go. He has fist clenched tight and slowly opens it. Sometimes the most difficult seeming tasks are actually very easy when we have no thoughts that they are not!


This describes perfectly Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces; the precision of one and the gentleness of the other. If we are a little aware we can point our desire in the direction of holding space for both to be true and open to the very organic process of allowing it all to arise with ease and grace. Openness is all we need—no effort required!


“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart.”
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