Distilling the Dream

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” ~Oscar Wilde 

“At the end of your story, you get down to the purity of it all. It's like distilling something.”
~Alexander D. Posey (poet, journalist, humorist...)

The dreamer dreams all things possible. In this great swim the tide is rising. We indulge  in possibility and drift further from probability. All things are possible. That is the great intention. For every cell discarded in day to day living, there is growth. We are all an arrangement of cells, energy, that constantly sees everything changing. We are all carried by a wave that in life appears as birth, death, renewal. It is as constant as day into dusk, into night, into dawn. Within this we are evolving into the expanded sense of all possibility and the freedom to greet what comes with open heart and arms. 

Yet as surely as we witness the coming, the going in this phenomenal world we are also witness to what shines from within and from without it; a truth to which we persistently aspire. A truth that answers all questions, that eases this life and brings us to peace. It is the answer for our dreams that can build from a whim to ecstatic wonder and awe.

This truth is clearly seen in this moment and in this moment only. What we perceive as the past or the future are our thoughts. Our thoughts abound and yet they have nothing to do with that to which we aspire. Human, individual dreams considered of course, honoured of course. Yet every individual is the collective and the collective is dreaming and in the collective dream we see the dissipation of the dream as we are motivated, like the ant colony, like the beehive to do without thought, dream, question or expectation. 

The collective, inclusive of all things. From the ‘big picture’ we see motion and change that has nothing to do with an individual. Billions of cells being shed, composted and recycled. In this there is Being. In this Being we see only unity. One essence pervading all, moving all, all. 

Being witnesses suddenly relieves us of responsibility. It simplifies life and allows us to participate without anxiety, confusion or concern. We realize the perfection of the infinite and eternal and rest in peace. This is called going with the flow, the almighty everything, which when we reflect upon this more deeply the everything is actually nothing as what we consider to be something is based on a thought that has no reality as it will cease to exist at some point.

This knowing amplifies the dream as our awareness leaps beyond previous limits. We soon discover the potential to create in ways unlimited, free in other words of old concepts and beliefs. Superlative humans perform without limits. 

“I like geography best,” he said, because your mountains and rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.”
~Brian Andreas, author, artist, publisher, speaker www.storypeople.com

A New Cycle of Light | Astrological Insights on the 9/14 New Moon in Virgo

Superlative is a word that calls us out. We aspire to the highest quality, the best. We raise the bar when we shed our attachment to anything that looks like old structure. We do this now as a result of having out lived the old structure. We aspire to be free of structure. Not replacing the old with something derived from the rubble. We are open to ‘it’ filling us. There is nothing to look for, search for or contrive. 

The New Moon on September 14th in Virgo at 21 degrees 59 minutes lends us energy for superlative expression. The very nature of the new moon is “setting off a new cycle of light.” ~mindbodygreen.com 

New light, the dawn is an opportunity to allow things to materialize from the mist. At dawn even the horizon line is hidden. Without even the most basic of definition we wait. Enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation for what arises. This is what a New Moon elicits.  

Contributing to the potency of this New Moon is a ‘kite’ formation that is a small talent trine perched on one side of a grand trine. It resembles a bow being drawn. In this case, the Sun/Moon trine Pluto and Uranus and each sextile Neptune. Neptune is also in opposition to Sun/Moon. Sun/Moon then are at the mid-point of the taut string. Here there is great tension. The point of the arrow, that which waits for release is represented by Neptune. 

In this case, Sun/Moon in Virgo provide the force by which Neptune in Pisces will be released. Practical know how and a sense of deep perfection of self (Virgo and the 6th house agenda) support us to fly high, to realize our vision. 

The small talent trine has been mentioned several times as appearing in the charts of gifted and successful individuals. A grand trine promotes an ease of energy flow while the opposition from Neptune calls upon that which inspires us to greater deeds. The small talent trine: Pluto-transformaion, Neptune-inspiration, Uranus-evolution. 

The grand trine, Sun/Moon, the emotional and conscious self, Pluto and Uranus. There is no escape! We will find our selves on the other side of suffering and repetition. And be delighted! We see clearly that what ‘we create’ here is often based on fear. We become braver and trust. 

Neptune in opposition to Sun/Moon in Virgo is s shared desire to realize a practical way of bringing into being our greatest inspirations. Neptune the dream. Virgo the distillation. Virgo is capability, is focus, is applied intelligence. Virgo knows how to succeed because their knowledge base equals their capacity for dedication to the task at hand. Neptune in Pisces is anything but practical. It reaches for the stars, dreams of dreaming within the dream, waking to the dream, being spirited away from definition, expectation and launched into the unknown. 

Therefore this kite in the New Moon chart implores us to shoot for the furthest reaches of our imaginations and then some. There isn’t a finish line. We just keep on going. 

For Virgo 22 degrees that corresponds with this New moon, the sabian symbol is a royal coat of arms. This suggests ‘expressions of a well-centered being that can have far-reaching influence’. 

“...in Virgo 22, we find an awareness of the need to blaze a new path, to carry the higher principles of honour and worthiness to ‘new lands’…”  ~sabiansymbol.typepad.com 

This New Moon nurtures in darkness, in stillness all the seeds of our deepest desires. The dreams we weave at this time, no matter how seemingly small or big are worthy of daylight and fruition. Every dream realized simplifies our vision, clarifies our intention and hones our aspirations toward the one point whereupon we may reach the pinnacle of desires and truly rest in peace. 

Distilling our dreams and this heroes’ journey does not need to be a battle but a beautiful dance to a silent rhythm that naturally issues forth from the darkness provided by the New Moon each month. How will you contribute in these 30 days to the distillation of your dreams? Look to the house where this New Moon resides and aspects made to other planets to illuminate your own journey. 

It is a good time to explore processes such as ‘soul retrieval’. See Sandra Ingerman’s books on the Soul Retrieval Journey. This process entails finding younger parts of the self that become isolated due to times of emotional trauma. 

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us get up and go to work."
~Stephen King
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