From Survival to Sensitivity

When humanity acts together, we naturally transcend from a state of survival to a place of sensitivity, caring, and kindness. Learn about the planetary influences during the upcoming New Moon in Taurus, and all the energies that are in play while we, as human beings in an earthly environment, reach for the limitless freedom that we may think lies beyond our reach and yet is right here, right now.

“We aren’t meant to go it alone. We are clueless pack animals, clawless and pretty weak as far as animals go.”
~Jedediah, Jenkins, Like Streams to the Ocean

Tiny seeds sprout, grow a little have a look around and burst out of the soil when the conditions support that. Human beings are similar. Gestation, sprouting and bursting forward into the light. It is a positive experience when conditions are met for survival and thriving. All animals depend on one another to a greater or lesser extent for this. Humans and all animals benefit from some degree of consideration.

“I am me because of you.”
~Theo Du Plessis, Being Simply Beautiful

Sensitivity to all beings occurs as we begin to heal, release and grow in confidence. Life begins to unfold before us rather than appearing at times to be haphazard or chaotic; events happening over which we have no control. 

Sensitivity, kindness and caring is something that in our particular little space on the planet is commonplace. The conditions here are ideal for thriving. Lovely weather, an abundance of fresh food, community awareness that supports everyone. And this desire for the well being of all members grows. Our current location aside, this is occurring globally. 

Like dominoes folding, touching each other in a loving way spreads. We do what we can. We do our best. With awareness the best really accelerates our experience toward deeper understanding and greater compassion. We are all in this together—for that we are grateful!

“The interesting thing about human beings is that we are a mixture of ancient instinctive animal awareness, our current rational mental awareness and a future holistic spiritual awareness that is about to come online.”
~Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

An astrological perspective | New Moon in Taurus

The three aspects of human nature exist concurrently, hence the many faceted experience we call life. All three are deeply rooted in human being. The sign Scorpio contains all three—the scorpion (animal) the eagle (mental) and the dove (spiritual). Scorpio, the opposite sign to Taurus the sign in which we find this New Moon, has the option of living all three in order to understand and transcend the limitations presented by the first two expressions. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio is transformation, transcendence. The house, natural house of Scorpio is, when I understand the cycle that represents human experience, birth, death, rebirth, regeneration, I transcend.  When we have sufficiently established our personal well-being (Taurus’s goal from a mundane perspective) we then are prepared for the deep meanderings of Scorpio. Lest Scorpio becomes too lost in these depths Taurus calls to return to the earth, what serves on a practical level. 

We live in an environment that can afford to turn from an habitual fascination with the individual self to see the light suffusing everything. It is me and it is you. We all breathe it, experience it and therefore share it. This then, asks of us to consider how we touch things here and what we offer as way of individual expression. This New Moon solar eclipse is a moment dedicated to the rising up of awareness as we continue to unfold more deeply into Reality. At 10 degrees Taurus the Sun/Moon conjunction also conjuncts Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. We know what that means. An extra shot of the Uranian energy that motivates change, evolution and a desire for freedom. 

In Taurus that can shake us to our foundations as Taurus is the sign that seeks security—a roof, food and clothing. Time then, since we know that the acquisition of these commodities is almost a given in this country, to turn our attention to healing, nurturing, caring for first the self and good will then flows to all. Compassion is the higher octave of Taurus ruled by Venus—love/unconditional love. Touching, feeling, seeing, more deeply. Utilizing those senses to which we all have access to reach others who are not yet adept at going there. And slowly, the dominoes tumble slowly. Suffering dissipates, slowly. The gift is being. Uranus conjunct the Sun/Moon helps to elevate Venus’s perspective from one of individual satisfaction to compassion for all. We find Venus the ruler of Taurus in mystical Pisces conjunct Neptune and Jupiter. The Piscean dream for a kinder and more peaceful world will find grounding in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurus knows how to give substantiation to the lofty ideals of Pisces. There is a reciprocal relationship between earth and water that supports the movement and desire of each. 

Pisces and the earth sign Taurus both have a softness (in spite of Taurus’s stubborn nature) that works together like the ocean waves washing over the sand. Each willing and accepting. Each changed by the interaction. An harmonious exchange. During this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, so energies intensified, we are encouraged to work together, to allow our softness, sensitivity to touch one another and to see the change. The result of such co-operation can be a greater ease in making the leap of faith that is required of us whenever we step out of the old and into the unknown. And when we consider that the unknown is simply something of which the mind cannot conceive, our fear lessens. The mind has little to ‘do’ in Pisces whose deep reassurance now eases whatever sense of insecurity Taurus may feel about the inevitable shift we are experiencing. 

We are human beings in an earthly environment reaching for the limitless freedom that we may think lies beyond our reach and yet is right here, right now.

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