From Vision to Realization with the New Moon in Aries

This time now is the time! To continue unpacking your gifts and see what more you might contribute to these exceptional moments of exploration and achievement...We are merging possibility and the imagination with a vision destined to be realized in practical reality.

“Sometimes we need to be taught how and where to seek wonder, but it's always there, waiting, full of mystery and magic.”
~Diane Ackerman from DG 2.17.23  Finding Wonderland

We are bursting with enthusiasm! Overjoyed with a feeling of the unknown and what it might offer us.  Like children we can’t wait to see what today will bring. With child-like wonder we glance at our world and imagine all of the possibilities. We are in such times that we do not know what the future offers. Change, though a constant has often resulted in something, somewhat predictable. But as humanity stands on the edge of a need for miracles, we gravitate toward empty mind, comfort with not knowing. Thus we are receptive of the magic that flows continually beneath the surface of our conditioning and habitual response. 

“If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything.”
~Shunryu Suzuki

This time now is the time! To continue unpacking your gifts and see what more you might contribute to these exceptional moments of exploration and achievement. Every individual has something to contribute and every individual’s output eventually creates more space, more freedom. Every generation too, has a role to play in the present unfolding. Each generation has the ability to surpass the former as each generation learns from the former. Each generation has a different astrological signature. Generational output and creation of space and freedom accelerates the whole process; has further reaching effect.

Imagination, Vision, Realization

For example, it came to my attention recently, having looked at the astrology charts for three young women, two attorneys and an IT specialist born 1991-1993 that the Neptune/Uranus conjunction (in the charts of all those born between 1989-1996) is now being positively aspected by transiting Uranus.  As the outer planets move slowly their influence is considered to be collective and generational. The impact of Uranus’s transit to Neptune and itself in these natal charts creates a highly dynamic energy focused toward change. Puts them directly in sync with the natural flow of all things. 

One of these young women exemplifies this outer planetary configuration. She is not happy with her career in law and is in the process of creating her career anew in the culinary arts. She loves cooking and caring for people through nutrition.  

This collective group of young people merge possibility and the imagination with a vision destined to be realized in practical reality. The Neptune/Uranus conjunction for the previously mentioned dates is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn as we know is the universal manifestor based on a brilliance for utilizing resources in a unique and highly successful way to solve problems. 

As transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been destructuring outdated structures (for the past 15 years), we are ripe for the innovative, result oriented resolutions offered to us by this dynamic generation who are between the ages of 27-34. They contribute sometimes in a quite, wise, gentle way like the Hermit IX of the Tarot or can hit like a bolt of lightning, such as we see in the Tower XIV of the Tarot. 

Now, contributing to the present astrological atmosphere is the fact that transiting Saturn has just moved into Pisces ruled by Neptune. This combination also points to a higher vision (Pisces) focused toward responsible, solution oriented results. (Saturn). Saturn and Uranus, joint rulers of the sign Aquarius, though interested in evolution in their own ways are both hard task masters. Saturn requiring us to eliminate what limits us—our fears, conditioning, etc. and Uranus a grinding energy that does not diminish its momentum or predilection for change because we resist. Uranus creates revolution (when necessary) for evolution. Though this might sound grueling and uncomfortable the possibility of freedom, that we know will be the outcome of ‘doing the work’, is exhilarating.

"The potential for a healing release of outworn structures is profound with Saturn in the last sign of the zodiac. It can bring a sense of joyous anticipation." March, Lynn Bell*

Spring Equinox, Darkness to Light!

To this transformational potential of Saturn in Pisces we add the Spring equinox of March 21st and what it means (balance of night and day, fresh/new perspectives, renewed energy force) along with the small giant Pluto about to enter Aquarius ruled jointly by Saturn and Uranus. There is a repetitive theme that says, elimination, transformation and transcendence of all that inhibits us from sharing the ever present, infinite light and Truth. It is no wonder that we can feel the vitality and the ecstatic energy crackling within and without. We are on the fast track for arising awareness that promotes greater well being for all of us. 

"Saturn in Pisces asks us to become more aware of the connectedness of all life, and each passage can open our perception. One of its other functions is to push the boundaries of our understanding, our place in the universe, and our relationship with the world around us." March, Lynn Bell

Pluto into Aquarius March 23rd is a big deal! Even though its stay will be only a couple of months as it goes retrograde early May, the impact will be intense—any darkness is exposed to the light. This may have unsettling results in many different areas. There are various manifestations of this powerful planet in the sign of the way shower, the light bringer that ultimately allows for the greater expression of our inherent knowing. As Pluto is in a sign for between 12-30 years due to its elliptical orbit there will be plenty of time for these effects to show up and mature. Pluto will remain in Aquarius from January 2024 until January 2044.

Pluto in Capricorn began the process of dismantling beliefs in every area. Old institutions questioned. The monarchy most recently. By one of its own. Pluto has contributed enormously to Prince Harry’s revelatory outpourings. In his natal chart he has Pluto 0 degrees Scorpio sextile Mercury in Virgo, its own sign and the messenger and sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn. This configuration is called a small talent trine and is made up of the two sextiles and a trine between Jupiter and Mercury. Many successful people, in the arts and business have small talent trines. There is challenge and ease combined and here accentuated by a powerful Pluto in Scorpio. The power of Pluto in Scorpio is best described in the following:

“All those that have Pluto in Scorpio have core evolutionary intentions of personal re-empowerment, and of purging all emotional/psychological limitations that are preventing further growth.

The archetype of Scorpio correlates with the need to merge with a higher source of power in order that personal limitations and weaknesses are transmuted. In this way, new psychological patterns are born into consciousness that promote continual personal evolution.”
~Jeffrey Wolf Green, Evolutionary Astrology 

No matter what we think of Prince Harry and his ways of exposing the underbelly of some antiquated traditions, he is doing his job. His job is important to him with Capricorn rising and Jupiter conjunct the ascendant. Capricorn likes to work and with the fame and success that small talent trines suggest, Prince Harry is apt to continue on his course, determined to to be heard and seen. 

New Moon and the Spiritual Warrior

New Moon in Aries 3/21/2023

To a highly charged March we add the New Moon energy at 0 degrees of Aries! The initiating, yang energy of Aries, ruled by Mars, is the catalyst for extensive reckoning. This creative force is a primal energy that knows not of resistance. Aries, as the spiritual warrior combats that which prevents one from answering the call to greater expression and whatever that means on an individual basis. The spiritual warrior is a hero who knows that the only true battle lies within. Change begins with ‘me’. 

Aries takes initiative in this experience of life and will go where no man has gone before to put dreams into action.  

Aries, great potential to create. And with all the aspects to the Sun/Moon at 0 degrees Aries there is plenty of fuel to feed these creative fires. Sun/Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the Dream, and conjunct on the other side, Mercury in Aries, the enthusiastic messenger. This is squared by Mars in Gemini the sign of the messenger—news will travel fast and without deliberation. Hasty decisions and impatience that might be the herald of change for our own good. The hero standing up to voice the concerns of the disenfranchised.

On a personal level be aware of rushing into anything without taking three deep breaths. Also be mindful of situations that might provoke you into conflict. With the potential release of so much wild energy no one will win. 

In the social arena or political arena it may feel like a time to implement change that has been long dreamed of. However, taking time to proceed one step at a time will be beneficial to a long term success. With Pluto inconjunct Mars (this is an aspect that conceals energy that has not matured into wisdom) Pluto’s power here is attainable only to continue the dissolution of outdated systems. In the last degree of Capricorn, Pluto is forceful. 

Around the world there is social and political unrest initiated by marginalized and repressed groups that will no longer tolerate abuse and repression. Pluto inconjunct Mars and sextile Sun/Moon; Pluto on the edge of Aquarius—power to the people. The ‘people’ a collective expression. Groups fighting for equality/peace will find a path where obstacles are surmountable or completely dissolved. 

Can’t leave without pointing out that Venus in her own sign of Taurus is conjunct the North Node and the asteroid Juno, goddess of union and wife of Zeus who sought equal rights for her self and didn’t mind a little revenge on the way. This conjunction in feminine Taurus is being squared by Pluto. The square being a contentious aspect that might contribute to a battle of wills on the way to empowerment. As change is inevitable, odds are the disfranchised will prevail. Walls, long standing crumble.

Saturn in Pisces trine Mars in Gemini—eager to explore new territory, to dissolve old boundaries. Both of these, Pisces and Gemini are mutable signs—go with the flow, there is no need for boundaries.

“It is important to remember that Saturn in Pisces shifts our understanding of the boundaries of the physical world.”
~Lynn Bell 

A final comment about the New Moon in Aries—the beginning. Starting from ground zero. No past. What does this mean? That everything is possible as we cannot have a thought that anything is not possible. All thoughts are based on the past and limit us accordingly. Everything is in the present and everything is possible in the eternal now. 

If you are interested in a discussion of why the past is non-existent the following YouTube presentation with Rupert Spira is concise and precise. 

Is the Past Real or Just a Concept? - YouTube 
*Saturn in Pisces - Dissolving Boundaries - Astrodienst  by Lynn Bell
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