Are You IN Your Now-Future Moments?

“The future depends on what you do today.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

I love Gandhi's words, but what happens when the actions we take are still being highly informed by memories of past painful events? Most of us have a challenging time staying present in the Now, and yet, Gandhi is stating that our futures depend on how we express ourselves in our actions and the choices we make on a daily basis? How can we leverage ourselves to create the best future possible without getting pulled back into our pasts?

We may forget that our power remains in the space of our personal degree of awareness and knowing that we always have choices. If we are wanting to experience more Now-activation, 3 things can help to pull us back to the present, from our triggers of unresolved emotions:

1. Remember that the body likes comfort.

What feels comfortable is the familiar. This neurological innate tendency to seek immediate relief for emotional and physical suffering is what keeps us creating repeat-future-now-moments, which add up to old behaviors that create more pain and discomfort.

To break the habituated patterns moving through the body, whether it’s breathing or running around the block, practice a short burst of intense physical movement for 30 seconds followed by 5 sets of slow rhythmic breathing while determining how you would like your future moments to be instead. 

2. Be aware.

Once you are aware of what you want a different “Now-Future” experience to be, let your mind be curious about that exploration and choose a word that encompasses that experience as a feeling. Then express gratitude for your nervous systems’ new realignment & thankfulness for any people who might be involved in your intentional experience.

When you settle on the word used to describe how you want to feel in that moment, let the sounds wash through your mind. Feel into the word you choose with your eyes closed and notice how it will begin to feel less and less uncomfortable. You’re shifting slowly into a now-present-dynamic. 

3. Practice.

Once you are relating to your word solidly, write it down on a card you can review every morning. Practice to see the world you interact with all day through the lens of this higher vibrational word. You may journal to track any insights, but after a week passes, choose another word to keep evolving your Now-Future moments to have more joy, connection & abundance.  

This will help you to grow in your personal degree of self-mastery in living life by your own design while creating new and exciting realities. If you feel a need for more directed guidance at a faster pace of realization I’m available on the Paradise Found Reader’s portal and look forward to connecting with you.

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