Presence, Pure Being, is our Most Precious Gift

When giving, that deep breath expands us beyond our known limits...and creates a giving that is our most precious to share, that of Self—pure presence, pure Being. 

"The everyday human gesture is always a heartbeat away from the miraculous. Remember that ultimately we make things happen through our actions, way beyond our understanding or intention; that our seemingly small ordinary human acts have untold consequences; and that our most quotidian human actions by their nature burst the seams of our intent and spill meaningfully and radically through time and space…”
~Nick Cave, The Only Good News 11.26.23

Giving opens our heart for which we feel joy. Giving supports our knowing that the universe does the like. The universe is always giving. The ‘universe’, in other words, the perpetual flow of energy that is everything. Based on knowing this, the natural balance of all things, faith and trust become fundamental to our way of thinking and acting. Our experience in and of this world expands. We dive into a way of being that feels sublime. The simplicity of it, divine. 

Giving, is equally about receiving. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law, a principle of physics. It is as natural as the yin/yang.  Yang, masculine, giving, outgoing. Yin, feminine, receptive, containing. We cease to think about it. It is almost as natural as breathing, the heart beating. If we did not have the potential to resist (for so many reasons based on our past) we would be in perfect harmony with nature—giving and receiving in an utterly stressless, uncomplicated manner. We would be free to enjoy life and all of its marvelous and magical moments. 

​“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
~Anne Frank 

The joy we feel when giving is the same joy we receive when watching clouds drift across the sky, waves rolling up to shore, being in the presence of presence. Babies offer us presence. We give a smile receive a smile. Or vice versa. Giving takes almost no effort. Receiving the same, simple. Yet it is such a substantial way of connecting with people. This is deeply rooted in various cultures around the world. Small gestures that have big impact. It is customary to give and to graciously receive. 

This time of year it is traditional to give. Generosity abounds-and so does joy. It is like opening the windows in springtime and taking a deep breath. When giving, that deep breath expands us beyond our known limits. We keep inhaling and reach depths of self previously unknown. Giving freely, without expectation, allows us to receive a vital gift--greater awareness. This awareness in turn creates a giving that is our most precious to share, that of Self—pure presence, pure Being. 

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
~Ramana Maharshi

In unconditional sharing we touch each other in ways that remind us of our essential nature. That memory fills an apparent void, expands within us and eventually consumes us. In this moment of Self recognition we are liberated. 

“I have found that among its other benefits giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
~Maya Angelou

New Moon in Sagittarius 20°39' | December 12, 2023 at 3:31 pm PT| Scalene Triangles, Expansive Jupiter, Freedom and our Journey into Self-Realization...

This New Moon chart contains a formation that I have just recently been made aware of—the scalene triangle. The geometry of this shape is such that no side is equal nor any angle. It therefore is representative of great diversity and individuality. In this New Moon chart diversity and individuality are valuable aspects in our foray into the unknown. We embrace differences, honour all that we encounter and forge ahead as individuals to deeper awareness. Sagittarius’s gift of perception ensures a steady course. 

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which figures in both of the scalene triangles here. In the first and second it opposes (180 degree aspect) Venus:  what do I really want on this path and Jupiter sextiles (60 degree aspect) Mercury: my thoughts are coming into alignment with my desire for a broader view. In the second triangle Jupiter sextiles Saturn: that provides focus and determination and Pisces, the sign in which we find Saturn now, softens the usual parameters that Saturn creates that can be limiting.  

Jupiter is by nature, expansive, open-hearted, generous. This energy is under-pinning all that we do in the space of these few days around this New Moon. We may operate as individuals but everything we do and learn, that contributes to greater understanding, is a blessing for human consciousness. It is a gift we give our selves and receive with gratitude and appreciation for the subtle and overt ways in which we touch each other. 

Uranus, that has affected the new moon charts for a few months now is again in aspect to the Sun/Moon. It is inconjunct this time, a 150 degree separation that is a subtle nudge to question our sense of identity and to consider our progress in becoming emotionally mature beings. This nudge likely is felt on a subconscious level where we go to work to permanently eliminate patterns that limit our ability to let go and soar. 

We won’t waste our time and we won’t settle for superficial excursions into the Truth. Sagittarius is about progress and never giving up! The goal of freedom is not to be denied! 

Scalene triangle: in the charts of highly creative and successful individuals. Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber,  Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Sinead O’Connor, Loreena McKennitt. To name a few. I looked mainly at musicians. As I began to explore other creative fields Francis Ford Coppala, Greta Gerwig and Maggie Gyllenhaal also have scalene triangles present in their charts. 

Also frequently present is the small talent trine that I have mentioned on several occasions when affecting a New Moon chart. Ariana Grande for example has four scalene trines. Two of these go together to create a ‘kite’. A kite contains a small talent trine on one side of a grand trine. The scalene triangles divide a kite in half. 

A scalene triangle provides tension through the opposition, challenge through the sextile and ease of execution through the trine. These three aspects being what creates a scalene triangle. 

“When I say, ‘I am’, I do not mean a separate entity with a body as its nucleus, I mean the totality of being, the ocean of consciousness, the entire universe of all that is known.”

From the particulars of scalene triangles to the universal qualities of this moment, the last New Moon of the year in Sagittarius is a big gift in itself! Sagittarian desire for freedom to explore and expand horizons gives us at this time, ample motivation to cast off the shackles of worn out habit and hit the open road. It isn’t important that the road lead anywhere. In fact it doesn’t but it will ensure new experiences and guarantee learning new things that open our eyes, our hearts and doors of opportunity. The ultimate goal is finding truth. In most cases it is a winnowing down that occurs as we discover one thing after another as not being ‘it’. We forge ahead always toward that one single truth that cancels the need for further questioning—who am I? I am That (the title of the book by Sri Nisargadatta) 

Freedom, the defining desire of Sagittarius is the gift we receive when we are open to exploring ‘our selves’ more deeply. This is the catalyst for our actions now. As I’ve said before we act and are motivated based upon where we are in this current moment. Our journey begins NOW and it is always perfect. Everyone’s journey is perfect.

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