Revel in the Light, Summer is Here!

In Summer we revel in the light. We see and are seen. We receive and are nourished. We are revitalized. Batteries recharged having been given so much, we give in return. Happiness and well being are shared. The exuberant generosity of the child is everywhere...

"We must go in search of enchantment.”
~Rene Magritte, artist 1898-1967

Summer arrives officially in a few days, the 21st of June, the sun rises in Cancer. Summer is the season of optimism and enthusiasm that perhaps more often than not reminds us of those few months of freedom during childhood. No school. Run wild, run free! Joy to play, explore, so many things to discover! 

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
~Albert Camus

Enchantment was a fairly common occurrence, the memories of which remain solidly rooted within us. Think of one childhood experience that affected you almost beyond words and that moment remains so touching even now. Lying in a field filled with tiny wildflowers and tall grasses gazing at the clouds as they shapeshift their way to destinations unknown. Time ceases. A sense of immortality; the endless flow of life and the eternal essence that pervades all things. ‘I’, am the cloud, a molecule peacefully unfolding over and over again. 

Summer! Everything multiplies-hours of daylight (summer solstice is the longest day of the year), flora and fauna, the time we spend outdoors, our courage to know the unknown. We are tempted by the deep recesses of a forest, hidden trails leading to distant mountain peaks. We see our own nature magnificently displayed before us as we move through the visible and are quietly met by the invisible; that which speaks to us of deeper meaning. 

“Everything that is visible hides something that is invisible.”
~Rene Magritte 

As children the power of the imagination creates a world where everything is possible. As adults we tend to lose the sense of the unlimited based upon conditions we inherit. The child within may temporarily lay dormant but is easily awakened when we are reminded of the enchantment of our early years, the joy and delight of youth. 

No matter how far technology takes us it takes only a few moments to return to the simplicity of a deeper truth; that in which as children, we seem to have absolute faith. We revisit this each  time we step into a natural setting. Among the trees we are transported through the stillness to a moment of realization—‘life’ is this in it’s entirety. The smells, sounds, the feeling of comfort and belonging give peace. That knowing allows us a deep sigh of relief. There is no effort in simply being. 

Nature does not effort. It is unfolding with grace. Humans need not effort. We are nature unfolding with grace. The cycle of falling and rising is endless as ‘life’ continues. 

“Trees refuse defeat, growing back again, rooted in timelessness. They are grounded in the dark, while in their spiraling arrangements of leaves and branches, they aspire toward the light.”
~The Autumn Trees by John Hay from Old Growth (Orion)

We see our selves in the trees. Human nature is no different than any part of nature. It grows, flourishes, perishes and begins again-and again. 

In Summer we revel in the light. We see and are seen. We receive and are nourished. We are revitalized. Batteries recharged having been given so much, we give in return. Happiness and well being are shared. The exuberant generosity of the child is everywhere.

New Moon in Gemini

During this New Moon in late Gemini there is just one major aspect to the sun/moon, a square from Neptune in Pisces. It speaks rather loudly of a chance to communicate what lies within. Gemini communication and Pisces from the soul

Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs and as such naturally go with the flow. Whether that flow is moving through heaps of information or travelling through the deep emotional and psychic realms to which Pisces is privy. From the depths of our soul work, out and into the light. Gemini has the ability to disperse findings and to make the invisible (the world of Pisces) visible. 

In the last ten degrees of Gemini the co-ruler (along with Mercury) is Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury. Any planets you may have in these degrees of Gemini, 20-30 will be motivated through the planet of revolution for evolution; the planet of freedom and expanded consciousness. There is a vision here that focuses on ‘the big picture’. Community rather than individuality. 

We combine this with the meaning of Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces that is co-ruled by Pluto the planet of elimination, transformation and transcendence and we have an energy that promotes revealing the path to an enlightened living. Though we sense this all around us what we sense is pre-empted by what we think. Uranus reminds us that what we think is highly suspect considering its origins in the past. Uranus promotes the eradication of conditioning. 

Pluto has just now moved back into Capricorn from Aquarius. After giving us an introduction into Plutonian power in the sign of the rebel we now take a step back to clean out what doesn’t provide us with the freedom to move with these intense times of change. We have until early 2024 in which to accomplish this goal. Now more than ever we have the evidence we need to succeed with goals that have previously been unattainable due to stubborn resistance. 

Not to forget that this energy combined with a new moon gives us the chance to firmly establish our intention for whatever short term or long term goals we may have. Our goals, reflect our desires and each desire satisfied, naturally leads us to the next. Eventually we may find that our desires have been eliminated. We are free then, to abide without effort.

One more feature of this New Moon—Saturn goes retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces returns to 0 degrees Pisces and goes direct on November 4. This points us in the direction of reflecting upon taking responsibility for the relationship we have to disillusionment, the illusion and our expectations. There is a continuation of the maturing process that positively affects our relationship to this planet and to each other. It looks like this summer will include a dose of work. In this we may discover enchantment also as we bathe in the light of this time.

“My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.”
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