The Nature of Things: To Sense and Know, by Anna Chapman

"In this day the breeze of God is wafted, and His Spirit hath pervaded all things. Such is the outpouring of His grace that the pen is stilled and the tongue is speechless."


The Nature of Things: To Sense and Know, by Anna Chapman | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

We might call it grace, divine blessings or just good fortune—we are enveloped by celestial good will. It has always been this way.The Earth is a child of creation and creation is the eternal, constantly manifesting ‘itself’ in physical form. That is why great teachers talk of ‘knowing the true nature of things’ as a guide to self realization.

“When you know the true nature of things, you realize that it is both your own and that of the whole universe.”

~Russel Williams-Not I, Not Other than I

A great peace abides then as we realize that there cannot possibly be any thing out of place. Impossible to find flaw with that which arises from the infinite and eternal. Or to find any thing that does not have its origin in ‘That’.

Shift gears in your mind: Subtle sensing and feeling

The Nature of Things: To Sense and Know, by Anna Chapman | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

How do we begin to know the true nature of things? It is not a cognitive process but a feeling into things. This is done from a place of subtle sensing. It helps to ignore our thoughts and progress inward and deeper; away from all the detail that serves to define a daily reality.If we ‘effort’ in this endeavor we move further from our destination as it is the mind that will push us to know. The mind as a sliver of the great origination cannot possibly know.Only by letting go and residing in abidance do we arrive at the place from which we truly have never strayed. It is only the mind that has us thinking, I am not what I seek.That is why when we finally are able to escape the control of our thought patterns, we will often feel an incredible sense of freedom, joy and pure tranquility as that IS what truly IS.

Give yourself permission to open your heart...

One recognizes that, my one and deepest desire is ‘returning home’ we are already most of the way there. Nothing will prevent the return. We will eventually give up everything to know the true nature of this one. And it requires no effort. As though we have jumped into the quickly flowing river, we cannot not reach our destination.Subtle feeling may be different for everyone, the approach. It does entail noticing what is in this moment and giving that full attention. Allowing the deep sense of connection to penetrate any limitations that our thoughts/beliefs may toss at us.At times when absorbed in this process of feeling the heart opens. Deep love for everything and not anything in particular. Calmness pervades as it is seen that everything is absolutely as it should be, IS.Worry, fear, anxiety are produced by thoughts without which we are free to enjoy life in a much fuller way. Trust/faith in the infinite/eternal.

Listen with gentle attention to the quiet voice of the infinite

Subtle feeling requires equally subtle listening. The listening occurs when we have no doubt about the source of our impressions.

Listening in the silence I touch more deeply.

In the silence there is nothing to hear.

The waters are still and so my mind rests.

Stillness obliterates the noise and to this I attune.

New Moon November 14th (PST) 23 degrees Scorpio 18 minutes 9:07 p.m. 15th (EST) 12:07 a.m.

In Scorpio ‘still waters run deep’. Powers of observation are well honed and the sensitivity of this water sign produces keen assessment of emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. The New Moon phase contributes to these natural characteristics a curiosity to discover ‘new things’ that might be hidden in the dark secretive realm of Scorpio. No stone will remain unturned. Expect fears to be put under the microscope for examination and dispersal.Fear will not serve us as we move forward through days that may continue to challenge us. Indeed dare us to know what our vision is and create that! Scorpio does not take prisoners. We must be willing to lay all our cards on the table and stand ground. Truth is of great importance as most of us will feel incongruities and misrepresentations.A wonderfully profound aspect in this chart is an exact sextile (60 degree aspect, half a trine, and so considered to be beneficial while urging a focused attention to succeeding) to the Sun/Moon from Jupiter and asteroid Pallas Athena. Jupiter we know to be the grand benefic. All it touches benefits from wisdom, an expansive quality, desire to know more/learn and travel into territory new with great confidence.Asteroid Pallas Athena embodies those qualities attributed to the goddess who, sprang forth from the brow of her father Jupiter, an adult woman and armour clad. She was the wise advisor to and protector of the Greek people. With independent origins she was free to lead without the same impediments that burdened some of the other gods.With this duo aspecting the Sun/Moon there is a great sense of destiny to uncover what does not serve the populace and the populace removing the ‘wool’ from about their eyes so that they stand up and speak for themselves. Speaking for our selves, we arrive at mercury—communication—and its placement in Scorpio, super intuitive and perceptive. No wool there for sure. And we see that Uranus, the planet of evolution is in opposition to Mercury. Electric juice, straight from the source to demand communication that is clear, honest, visionary and highly intelligent.On the surface it may seem as there is not a lot happening in this New Moon chart but as we consider these aspects it really speaks to a reckoning that could remove (Scorpio ruled by Pluto, modern day, that is the planet of elimination for transformation) the toxic waste that has been congesting this structure for a very long time.After the roto rooter the toilet will be flushed!There’s more! Pluto, roto rooter squares lovely Venus in Libra (as does Jupiter, Pallas Athena and Saturn all conjunct in Capricorn at this time). How is your sense of self worth these days? Upon what do you rely for your sense of balance and harmony? Is there stability based on a deeper sense of self? Or is it reliant upon material possessions? No one is judging. All to be considered though. If it doesn’t serve one—time to let go! There is no one that will fish us out of the tank. We need to learn to swim!The band aid gets pulled off (Pluto/Saturn) but Jupiter assures us that the wound will heal more quickly if the wound gets air. We of course, happily see the wisdom of this.Lastly where is it that we breathe and rest in this deeply transformative New Moon chart? Look to the Point of Fortune where we find our greatest sense of contentment and satisfaction—12th house of spirit in the deeply feeling sign of Cancer. It is in opposition to the Capricorn conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Where to go to escape the intensity of these few days where we are being asked for complete authenticity and confession? To a place where we cannot take our thoughts.Meditation is not only a suggestion but a requirement. Find quiet places to ponder and contemplate. Do not engage in unnecessary banter or the goings on of others. If all else fails be sure to look up. Disengage from the mundane details to which we seem so firmly attached and breathe...listen and the stillness will overwhelm. There is no need for any thing. I feel the deep peace that is and is this one.

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