Wild Otherness

Nourished by wild otherness...Our destiny is to recognize the other as self, the wild as our own home, and journey to the illumined plane of crystal clarity and stillness, the pristine landscape of Being.

“When we quit thinking primarily about our selves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.”
~Joseph Campbell

In our journey to ‘the mountain top’, to the illumined plane of crystal clarity and stillness we will not succeed by neglecting any aspect of the experience. Whatever we deny follows us, we are the ancient mariner bearing a burden of our own creation much to our detriment. We’ve been carrying our burdens for centuries. Ignoring them achieves very little. 

The journey from the weight of oppressive conditioning to the pristine landscape of Being, the plateau of observation without judgment, of accepting what is, presents itself in several stages. Each one we rise to in our own good time, when we are ready. There is therefore, nothing to fear. Our guide on this journey has infinite and eternal wisdom. It is with us all the time but the mind prefers to perpetuate the notion of its dominance. 

(On this journey everyone is unique although we have a collective desire. Nothing is written in stone and most importantly everything is based on experience through the lens of the experiencer.)

There isn’t any particular order related to one’s journey. Everything happens simultaneously and a good deal occurs of which we are often initially ignorant. 

There is a desire to rise above, to see without the tainted view. This pre-exists, smolders in some and is a roaring fire in others. They say, this is based upon the degree to which we have performed repeatedly our actions here—earth the school for learning. Of course it makes sense! Or, its the best story we have! In a nutshell, there is ever present energy that is all things moving everything in like manner. We embellish upon this to our heart’s desire. Whatever it takes to help us navigate the severe turbulence en route to the stillness. 

Briefly, our story may look something like: a. the desire b. awareness of more (such as feeling the inter-connectedness of self with nature/cosmos) c. experiencing connection with ‘more’ while healing emotional trauma--healing begins to release old patterns of behaviour--lightens the load and frees one to realize the clarity that pre-exists conditioning. 

Essentially, we work our way through our inherited tendencies and can take a deep breath into possibility. The possibility of knowing ‘thyself’ as infinite potential, not the body/mind. The benefit of becoming conscious of the road we navigate is to actively participate with our awakening. We can tend to resist less and surge ahead courageously.  Obstacles shrink and the intensity of arising emotional content  becomes more bearable...

The Nature of Source, and Nature as Source

"It's the unfathomable otherness of thing—the strange perspectives of an orb-weaving spider spinning the cosmos out of her abdomen; the outrageously different sentience of a humpback whale or an albatross;

The complex intelligence of an old-growth forest dank with mushrooms and bracket fungi, humming with insects and haunted by owls...
Without such wild otherness, there is no magic."
~David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

In David Abram’s book The Spell of the Sensuous he talks about the decline of humanity’s ability to know the pre-existant energy that is everything in the natural world. He illuminates for us the importance of regaining our connection to ‘nature’ on our way to embracing so much technology as technology is human-based, while our energy is eternal source. 

It is often said that the human mind is an aspect of source and cannot understand the nature of source. As such, and according to Einstein our solutions cannot come from that which is based upon past experience or the human experience. Magic, is how we refer to occurrences beyond human endeavour and it is magic we revere as miracle maker. 

It may not be enough to deeply appreciate wild otherness but to know it as ‘my self’. That realization is part of the unfolding of consciousness that occurs as we accept and move deeper. The word ‘otherness’ then, actually disappears. The notion of a separate identity dissipates along with our frequency of taking things personally that is one source of so much suffering. 

PF news new moon 12.23.22 1 degree capricorn 33 min.

This New Moon at 1 degree of Capricorn provides a window of opportunity to consolidate our thoughts toward a single focus. We accomplish one step at a time without distraction. What do I envision for the New Year? 

As Jupiter has just switched signs from Pisces into Aries and squares Sun/Moon, the prevailing energy pushes for progress. Jupiter represents our wisdom, our faith, growth/expansion and optimism. Jupiter is the Guru, the higher attributes of mind that uplift the soul. 

Capricorn is the practical idealist and has the determination to surmount all obstacles en route to the peak of experience. They have the power to manifest based on their use of the resources available and their understanding of the underlying structure necessary for achievement. There are rules to follow that lead one to the effortless expression of Being here. 

With Saturn as the director of Capricorn, we will learn our lessons in order to escape the confines that lessons and rules establish for us. 

“It (Saturn) is solely committed to educating us...and pushing us to become the most mature versions of our selves…”
~Subham Dhanawat, Bodhi.app 

When we are aware of what lies on the other side of our education we approach it with enthusiasm. 

Jupiter in the first sign of Aries is all about enthusiasm and a can do attitude. This is a moment to stand tall, confident that we create our reality and our potential to do so is limitless. It is knowing 

self as creator that gives one ultimate freedom and profound confidence. 

As a collective, the energy of this New Moon launches us into a vital experience of knowing the ease and grace with which we manifest our vision. Mercury the planet of communication and how we think sextiles (60 degree aspect that presents a challenge yet provides a flow of energy that is helpful in successfully meeting the challenge) Neptune, embodying ‘spirit’, idealism and sometimes downright fantasy. This combination could result in dreams that apparently go nowhere. Dreaming is great! Having an additional means of bringing dreams into physical reality is optimal. 

In this New Moon chart, Saturn the planet most invested in practical application is positioned at the mid-point of the Mercury/Neptune sextile. It intercepts the dream and urges one to focus on results. Mercury in Capricorn is also highly result oriented. Neptune in Pisces says, ‘there are no limits’.

Another characteristic associated with Capricorn is reverence; the appreciation for recognizing the underpinnings that support human endeavour. Reverence for the magic and how everything unfolds with perfection. Knowing this increases the success with which one handles all the various details of daily existence.

It may not surprise us to be called to involve one self with any expression that allows for a connection with these underpinnings. It is a strong and intentional way of launching one self into the new experience.

There are numerous forms of ritual one can perform that serve this purpose from the simplicity of lighting a candle, blessing our experience and asking that ‘I be open to receiving the plenitude that is my nature’, to the more complex shamanic practice of sweat lodge, calling in the four directions and aligning with spirit animal totems to connect us to our roots. 

Prayer is a sublime meditation that also helps us connect to source. There is a reverence in prayer that can instantly cross the veil. We are not necessarily referring to prayer that is a plea for something. It is prayer that simply intends to align with higher consciousness.  I like what Hippocrates offers as a little bit of advice about prayer.

“Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the Gods a man should himself lend a hand.”

In other words going into prayer without the expectation of receiving any thing other than a deeper sense of peace. And we till the ground for such to occur. 

And truly, it is good to remember that the source of all creation is right here in this one, in this moment.

We pray with faith, knowing this. 

During the week I chatted with a young woman from eastern Europe as I was waiting for my tea. She shared with me, ‘A saying from my country, if you want to go down the slide, be sure to bring the slide.’ Simply a reminder of the aforementioned. Our reality is in our own hands. This knowledge is uplifting and empowering! The very way we are determined to greet this New Year!

“Don’t let the lure of the dramatic arc distract you from the digressive amplitude of being alive.”
~Galen Strawson, Daily Good 12.1

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