Full Moon in Capricon | Wednesday 7/13/22 at 11:37 a.m. PT

Capricorn, the Sea Goat, climbs to the highest mountain peaks and swims in the depths of the unconscious. This sign teaches us balance between emotion and achievement. When Capricorn's aspect of practical, no-nonsense gumption harmonizes with our intuitive emotional intelligence, then we can set goals that are aligned with our higher purpose and manifest what we actually want out of life. ‍

Each day I become more focused and self-disciplined, which serves me in the highest possible way.
I am passionately, relentlessly, and joyfully following through on projects and completing them from start to finish, which brings me success in all aspects of my life.
I am energetic and wonderfully adaptable, learning and growing to meet all challenges with ease.
~adapted from AshleyDiana.com

Full Moon in Capricorn | Wednesday 7/13/22 at 11:37 a.m. PT

“During this time the Moon in Capricorn faces the Sun in Cancer. Both signs are associated with security, yet they seek it indifferent ways. Capricorn is concerned with accomplishments and external changes while Cancer wants us to tune into our feelings in search of comfort and safety. It’s not a matter of choosing to be hard or soft, sensitive or insensitive; this Full Moon is about learning how to be tough or tender depending on the circumstances. When the lesson is learned, we feel at home within ourselves and within the world around us.”


"Capricorn looks at our responsibilities to the world outside ourselves. Capricorn governs the Tenth House, which sits at the top of the zodiac wheel. Capricorn shows us the pieces of our energy we project outwardly. Capricorn is ruled by Earth and Saturn, which ground our energy and inspire us to make healthy choices rooted in wisdom. Capricorn is concerned with what we contribute to society and how we show up in the world. Like Cancer, Capricorn also sees the world as a connected whole. This energy understands that everyone benefits when we live our life’s purpose. If everyone on the planet was aligned with their highest purpose, the world would become a much more peaceful place. We would build systems and make rules for others from a feeling of oneness instead of competition. When we live on purpose, abundance follows and overtakes scarcity, helping connect all beings.

When we align with Capricorn's higher vibrations, we show up authentically in the world, revealing our true selves. We do not judge others, nor do we fear being judged. We understand the connection with everyone around us. We also make it a priority to do the work needed to stay in our integrity. We know who we are, and we show up as this person in every situation. We commit to staying aligned with our intuition and create habits that eliminate distractions from our life’s mission. We courageously live from our cores and allow others to see us steering our lives with our hearts."

~Spirit Daughter

"The Full Moon in Capricorn approaches Wednesday, July 13. Capricorn rules authority and authority figures. It is the sign of climbing the ladder of success in business. It represents your karma and deepest ambitions and wishes for achievement. Two Goddesses in Cancer are opposing this full moon in Capricorn: asteroids Isis and Ceres (Roman name for Demeter).

Ceres is the goddess of agriculture and represents the awakening stage of the mystic way. She symbolizes the process of death, rebirth and renewal and forms the foundation of “home” upon which transformation is built. Sound and feel familiar? Well, she is echoing the same theme as Pluto who has been transiting the sign of Capricorn since 2008. For Pluto the transformation is happening at the level of systems and large organizations (government, banking, institutions).

At the full moon Ceres and Pluto are directly opposite, revealing to us how our personal dreams and goals will rub up against what “Big Brother” dictates we should do.

Also, helping us fight the good fight is asteroid #42, known as Isis. Isis reigns supreme as the Great Mother Goddess of magic, alchemy and sovereignty. She is also known as the protector of women and rulers. Located within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Isis urges us to use our magic to change reality, so that our personal dreams and aspirations are manifested in the world.

The lesson of the Full Moon in Capricorn is to be uber clear about what you want your personal reality to look and feel like, whether or not it fits into the box that the powers-that-be want to shove you into. At the full moon a project, business or idea very dear to your heart (ruled by Cancer) will expand and take deeper root into your everyday reality."

~Kris Seraphine, "Say YES to Your Big Dreams on the Full Moon."

Crystal Grid for a Strong & Joyful Spirit

For this Full Moon in Capricorn, we created a crystal grid with the intentions to inspire joy, activate inner strength, and sustain soulful compassionate action to improve the world around us.

Here are the crystals we used, starting at the center and working our way outward:

ruby crystal | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Ruby | Ruby encourages us to follow our bliss, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. Call on the energy of ruby to help you select and attain your ultimate values in life. (Love is in the Earth, Melody Hall)

garnet crystal | paradise found santa barbara

Garnet | Kindle your inner fire, and put your creative ideas into action. Garnet strengthens commitment to purpose, to others, and to oneself.

tangerine quartz | paradise found santa barbara

Tangerine Quartz | Nurtures the emotional and spiritual body, amplifying the courage to express one's individual gifts, while inspiring strength, vitality, and perseverance. Rich in empowering energy! Points are faced inwards to direct energy toward the ruby and amplify its effect.

herkimer diamonds | paradise found santa barbara

Herkimer Diamond | This sparkling stone encourages us in our efforts to begin again in this lifetime, and to weave together our energies of surrender and strength, to clear the energetic body and allow for total relaxation and expansion of Life energy.

sunstone | paradise found santa barbara

Sunstone | Sunstone embodies and radiates solar energy, with its bright orange color, offering warmth, joy, and strength. An excellent mood-lifting stone, it alleviates fearfulness and encourages leadership and independence.

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Wisdom of the Sea Goat - Inspired Journaling

"I respect my true nature, while simultaneously granting myself the permission to grow and evolve."

Traditionally, the symbol of Capricorn is the sea-goat: a mythical creature with the head and front legs of a goat, and the body of a fish.

In its surefooted goat aspect, Capricorn can climb from mountain peak to mountain peak, setting lofty goals and reaching them.

The fish side of Capricorn feels the flow of the current and swims to the watery depths of the subconscious mind.

To reflect on what this balance of traits or aspects means for you, try these journal prompts inspired by the mythology of the sea-goat:

~List the ways in which you embody the sure-footed, practical, daring goat.

~What drives you? Why do you climb the tallest mountains, picking your way along the path, stubbornly pursuing your dreams like a goat foraging on the cliffsides?

~Experiment with mapping out your future, making lists and long-term goals and schedules, planning your route to the top of the mountain.

~When are you more like the fish, feeling the flow of life, diving into the depths of emotion, intuition, dreams?

~What do you desire—what calls to your soul?

~When do you feel most challenged to balance feeling deeply with taking action, knowing when to do and when not to do...

~How can you more truly align your words and actions with your highest purpose, your deepest sense of personal integrity?

When the aspect of practical, no-nonsense gumption harmonizes with our intuitive emotional intelligence, then we can set goals that are aligned with our higher purpose and manifest what we actually want out of life.

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.”
~Natalie Goldberg
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