Say "Yes" to Your Big Dreams On The Full Moon

Let the butterflies flutter in your stomach unencumbered. Let your body shake with nervous-citement. Feel all the feelings of jumping into the unknown void of, “Who knows what will happen?” YES is an enchanted password into a new world and new point of view.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”
~Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens], Humorist, Essayist, Novelist

What I love about saying “yes” is the immediate expansion that overtakes the mind and the soul. YES opens the door to unlimited possibilities and surprises. NO closes the door to potential and creates a barrier (although, sometimes a necessary one to keep us safe).

This is my ode to YES.

Let the butterflies flutter in your stomach unencumbered.

Let your body shake with nervocitement.

Feel all the feelings of jumping into the unknown void of, “Who knows what will happen?”

YES is an enchanted password into a new world and new point of view.

YES is a deep inhale and exhale; a full breath. An opening. A stretching of the soul beyond its boundaries.

YES is a knowing that you can trust the forces of the Cosmos at play in your life.

YES is almost always more fun than “no.”

Saying YES is risky business, too. Things don’t always go smoothly or turn out the way we think they will. But, more often than not, we receive huge boons of confidence, joy, expansion and extreme GROWTH.

Under the light of this massive Full Supermoon in Capricorn, from which many blessed manifestations will flow, what do you wish to say YES to, but have been holding yourself back from?

Astrological Influences

The Full Moon in Capricorn approaches Wednesday, July 13th 2022. Capricorn rules authority and authority figures. It is the sign of climbing the ladder of success in business. It represents your karma and deepest ambitions and wishes for achievement.

It’s an earth sign that is ruled by the planet Saturn–what seeds have you planted since January of this year that you have been diligently tending?

Saturn always rewards hard work with stellar results. He’s the taskmaster and stern father who doesn’t give his praise frivolously.

And what does the Divine Mother have to teach us during this lunation?

Two Goddesses in Cancer are opposing this full moon in Capricorn: asteroids Isis and Ceres (Roman name for Demeter).

Ceres is the goddess of agriculture and represents the awakening stage of the mystic way. She symbolizes the process of death, rebirth and renewal and forms the foundation of “home” upon which transformation is built. Sound and feel familiar? Well, she is echoing the same theme as Pluto who has been transiting the sign of Capricorn since 2008. For Pluto the transformation is happening at the level of systems and large organizations (government, banking, institutions).

At the full moon Ceres and Pluto are directly opposite, revealing to us how our personal dreams and goals will rub up against what “Big Brother” dictates we should do.

Also, helping us fight the good fight is asteroid #42, known as Isis. Isis reigns supreme as the Great Mother Goddess of magic, alchemy and sovereignty. She is also known as the protector of women and rulers. Located within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Isis urges us to use our magic to change reality, so that our personal dreams and aspirations are manifested in the world.

The lesson of the Full Moon in Capricorn is to be uber clear about what you want your personal reality to look and feel like, whether or not it fits into the box that the powers-that-be want to shove you into. At the full moon a project, business or idea very dear to your heart (ruled by Cancer) will expand and take deeper root into your everyday reality.

Here’s a simple ritual to help your desired manifestation along:

  1. Ask your heart what it knows. Write it down in your journal.
  2. Ask your heart what it wants. Write it down in your journal.
  3. Get a glass of water, the element of Cancer.
  4. Hold the glass as you ask the Universe (or your personal deity) to show you what it looks and feels like to pursue your heart’s desires. What you are really asking for is a sign, a confirmation so you can follow your intuitive leads straight to the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.
  5. Feel all the energy flowing from your heart and through your hands into the water, then drink it. As you take the water into your physical body (which is the earth element), acknowledge that you are embodying those desires and letting them settle and root into you.

Wishing you the bright blessings of your heart’s desires fulfilled.

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