Super Flower Blood Moon in Sagittarius | Total Lunar Eclipse

Sagittarius is the eternal student of the zodiac, forever wandering the globe in search of new knowledge and perspectives. This energy compels us to be curious and leave our comfort zones. It encourages us to open our minds to new perspectives and different cultures. It also asks us to take the road less traveled.

Commonly called the Flower Moon, The May full moon is known as the Dragon Moon. In Chinese mythology, when the heavenly dragon constellation was at its zenith, the moon would shine with magical light...In the light of the Dragon Moon, it was said the old would become young; the infirm, healthy; the weary, reinvigorated. Such was the power of the moon that the Chinese called it 'the pearl of heaven'.
~Michael Carabetta, Seasons of the Moon

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May 26, 2021 4:13am PDT - Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse

"This current Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse. The Eclipse can be seen from Australia, the western United States, western South America, and Southeast Asia. The total duration of the Eclipse will be three hours and eight minutes, with totality lasting fourteen minutes. The maximum Eclipse (the peak) is at 4:18 a.m. Pacific time on May 26, or 11:18 a.m. UTC on May 26. This is the same moment in time everywhere in the world, but the actual time on the clock and date will vary depending on your location.

This Eclipse is also a Super Moon. Super Moons occur when the Moon is closest to the Earth and appears bigger and brighter. The Moon also exerts more gravitational pull on the Earth during a Super Moon, triggering higher tides and greater waves in the ocean. Likewise, it has the potential to cause greater energetic and emotional waves in us as well. Super Moons often feel more intense to us but also give way for greater breakthroughs. The combination of a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse bring us immense energy to work with and create change in our lives.

The Lunar Eclipse’s energetic effects can be felt worldwide, even if you are in a place where it is not visible. Lunar Eclipses give us the opportunity to cut energetic cords to the past. Just like any Full Moon, they bring us the vibration of release. Lunar Eclipses, though, are supercharged. During an Eclipse, what normally could take six or eighteen months to shift can change in the blink of an eye. There may be moments of intense emotions during and around this Eclipse, but the results are worth whatever storms may occur in the process. Once the dust settles, you will be left with a blank slate that is ready for you to write new visions of your future.

Sagittarius is the eternal student of the zodiac, forever wandering the globe in search of new knowledge and perspectives. This energy compels us to be curious and leave our comfort zones. It encourages us to open our minds to new perspectives and different cultures. It also asks us to take the road less traveled. The energy of Sagittarius is not concerned with the familiar. It craves newness from every angle. Boredom is the death of Sagittarius. Routines and predictability have no place in this energy. Sagittarius wants us to feel confused. It asks us to throw everything we know up in the air and allow the pieces to land where they may. It’s only by shuffling life into disarray that we can connect the dots in new ways, finding connections we may have missed if we had kept everything neat and tidy.

This Lunar Eclipse is a time to break out of whatever routine you’ve clung to for security as we’ve treaded the unknown waters of the last year. It’s a time to shake things up a bit and remind yourself that the Universe is always looking out for you. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith this Lunar Eclipse. It may feel scary, but this is the time to confront your fears. Fear is an interesting emotion. It serves us well during crucial times of our lives but also blocks our growth when it takes control of our senses. When feeling fear, ask yourself if it is really warranted. Is there a genuine threat to your well-being, or is fear misplaced? What fear is essential to keep you safe, and what fear is blocking your growth?"


"Lunar Eclipses are viewed in astrology as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. While this is true, there is another side to eclipses that is important to remember. Eclipses are like the cosmic helping hand of the Universe.

Imagine the energy of an eclipse like a Universal hand that reaches down from the heavens and puts you where you need to be. This can be a time of leaving what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully into yourself.

The good thing about eclipses is that generally you can trust the direction they are guiding you in. Eclipses bring about events that are part of the cosmic plan. These are important times for reflection upon your life, whom you need to forgive, or what you need to let go of and move on from.

"The primary influence we are working with this week is a strong Saturn effect. Saturn is moving very slowly now, and will come to a standstill next Sunday, then reverse direction and begin its retrograde phase. Whenever a planet is slowing its pace, getting ready to reverse direction, we tend to sense its energies more profoundly. This effect usually occurs for at least a week or two on either side of the date of its station.

So, this week and next, especially, we are feeling Saturn's call to maturity, to responsible action, to patience, and to persistence, perhaps in the face of specific lessons or challenges. For the next five months, while the Ringed Planet is retrograde, we are called to develop greater inner discipline, a stronger sense of our inner authority, and the perspective of Wise Elder in all our endeavors."

~Pam Younghans

Crystals for the full moon in Sagittarius

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Citrine | An energizing stone, Citrine recharges all aspects of life; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It imparts joy and wonder, and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine also motivates, activates, and empowers. It even helps release and clear negativity, restores balance and encourages luck, wealth and prosperity.

Topaz | A soothing stone, Topaz recharges, motivates, and stimulates. It brings joy, and promotes generosity and abundance. Topaz recharges energy, releases tension, and induces relaxation. It promotes truth, honesty and openness, imbues self-realization, and encourages forgiveness.

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Lepidolite | A stone of transition, Lepidolite brings about change; instilling deep emotional healing while reducing stress and releasing old behavioral patterns. It expels negative energy and clears blockages. Lepidolite is also calming, protective against electromagnetic pollution, and provides stability amidst the chaos.

Energetic Cord-Cutting Ritual

"You can visualize an energetic cord as a tube connecting us to another person, with energy flowing within the tube. If the cord is depleting us, the energy will be flowing away from us. If the cord is feeding us, energy will be flowing toward us."

The practice of cord cutting helps recover energy that has been lost, and re-establish healthy energetic boundaries!

Because emotions tend to run high during all full moons, and are amplified even more during an eclipse, this Full Moon in Sagittarius (the only total lunar eclipse of 2021) is an opportunity for powerful energy work! Lunar eclipses are associated with change and decisions, often signaling transformation and new beginnings. This is a time for discovery, truth, and awareness. You can use this opportunity to boost your energy work and meditation practices, to heal yourself and your relationships.

Whenever we enter into relationship with someone (family, friend, partner, acquaintance, colleague...), or direct our attention toward a person, place or object, we develop energetic cords. This is not necessarily bad--these connections help us to understand one another, to tune in to each others' energy and be on the same "page" or "wavelength". Energetic or Etheric cords can be appropriate (no need to cut these cords!), or inappropriate. You can have both appropriate and inappropriate cords to the same person, place or thing. Examples of appropriate cords include: healthy relationship cords, and connections to things and places that support us. On the other hand, inappropriate cords are subconscious connections to people or places that drain us.

Cords connecting to a person or situation that evokes a strong negative emotion, such as worry, fear, anxiety, or anger, can fill our energy body with that emotion and can be quite uncomfortable. A common example is health care practitioners or caregivers, whose patient not only receives physical care, but may be connecting energetically as well, leading to caregiver exhaustion or burnout. Cord cutting is a great technique that can help not only caregivers and health care professionals, but also for teachers, public speakers, and anyone who is facing conflict, feels drawn to unhealthy relationships, or just feels drained all the time. It helps us to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness...The practice of cord cutting helps recover energy that has been lost, disconnect from situations that drain our energy, and re-establish healthy energetic boundaries!

How to cut energetic cords:

1. Stand or sit upright. Start with one hand above the head, the other hand below the torso on the centerline.  Both palms facing each other.

2. Form the intention that as you move your hands together, you are bundling all the inappropriate and unauthorized cords attached to your energy body.

3. You may feel the edge of this bundle as you slowly move your hands together.  Stop when you feel that, or just when you are at about the solar plexus area.

4. Holding the bundle of cords with one hand, visualize the other hand sharp like a knife, and slowly skim that hand just above the surface of the body, along the centerline of the torso.  Do this three times, repeating the phrase “cut, cut, cut.”

5. Take this bundle of cords and plug them into the energy of the earth.

6. Repeat this three times, at least once a day.

~Liza Burney, Pranic Healing Instructor and Practitioner

"After cutting your energy cords, spend some time sitting in quiet meditation. Feel the energy that has been reclaimed and take the time needed to re-integrate. Imagine yourself now being cloaked in a luminescent blanket of energetic protection. This coating of light is your energetic boundary. See and feel how this boundary helps you to maintain your highest level of energy. Intend that this boundary remain in place as you step confidently forward into your day." ~Deborah King

To learn more about nurturing and cultivating appropriate energetic cords, read this article by Lani Reagan, who specializes in intuitive energy work. If you are interested in material tools for supporting your energy work and maintaining your energetic boundaries, see our Energetic Boundaries Empath Protection Spray, and Black Tourmaline crystals or bracelets.

“Ideally, we want to expose ourselves to frequencies that attune to our personal harmonic, the essence of our spirit. Our energetic boundaries should welcome the vibrations that suit us and deflect or transmute those that don’t."
~Cyndi Dale, Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life

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