New Moon 26°42' Gemini | Saturday 6/17/2023, at 9:36 pm PT

"After the grounding vibrations of Taurus Season, Gemini comes in to stir our curiosity and need for adventure. This season is a time to unravel, unfold, and become inspired by life again. It’s a journey of learning, testing, and questioning..."~Spirit Daughter

"I invoke the spirit within me to embrace uncertainty and fall in love with the unknown.
I am creating my reality with love and compassion.
I release blockages in my articulation.
I communicate from my centered truth.
I call upon the bravery and intellect within me to plant these seeds for generational healing in the darkness of this New Moon."

New Moon 26°42' Gemini | Saturday 6/17/2023, at 9:36 pm PT

"After the grounding vibrations of Taurus Season, Gemini comes in to stir our curiosity and need for adventure. This season is a time to unravel, unfold, and become inspired by life again. It’s a journey of learning, testing, and questioning. This is the time to survey our lives and ask what needs to be adjusted, then decide if those adjustments need to take place in our minds. Ruled by air and the planet Mercury, this season’s energy moves quickly. It’s possible to create any change imaginable during this time. The key is to connect with your body and breath to stay rooted in the present moment while adjusting your perspective to encompass a wider view.

Gemini is often thought of as the sign of communication. While this is true, Gemini’s energy goes much deeper than that. How we communicate is just the surface level of this sign. Gemini provides a window into our thought processes, beliefs, expectations, and overall mindset. This energy helps us understand why we see things a certain way and how to shift that perspective to change our reality. This season is an opportunity to reframe our lives. It’s a chance to become aware of how our expectations and beliefs affect our ability to manifest our visions. It’s also a time to find silver linings and unexpected results from life’s many challenges."

~Spirit Daughter

"In Summer we revel in the light. We see and are seen. We receive and are nourished. We are revitalized. Batteries recharged having been given so much, we give in return. Happiness and well being are shared. The exuberant generosity of the child is everywhere."

~Anna Chapman, "Revel in the Light"

"Gemini’s astrological correspondent is the Lovers card, as the two of them focus greatly on the power of communication and what it can create between not only two bodies, but between all humans. This card also depicts the union of opposites, and the possibilities when dual-natured entities create a greater whole."

Crystals for Letting Your Inner Light Shine

"The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer Solstice is a great time to set bigger objectives and perform inner work. Summer becomes a time to reflect on ourselves, our ability to be the light, and our ability to find significance in our journey, even when it appears uncertain."

sunstone crystal bracelet | paradise found santa barbara
Sunstone Crystal Bracelets

Sunstone | Carry Sunstone when you want to 'let your real self shine through happily." It is a cheering, joyful stone that brings about a profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation and in everyday life." (The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall). With an uplifting effect that can bring passion, excitement, and creativity back into your life, and illuminate your awareness of opportunities formerly overlooked.

Crackle Quartz | Also called Fire and Ice Quartz, Crackle Quartz is a powerful light bringer with a high vibration. It is clear quartz that has been heated and rapidly cooled, revealing distinctive fractures, flaws and inclusions containing rainbows and sacred symbols of shamanic significance. Crackle Quartz is used for activating expanded awareness, revealing spiritual purpose, and opening up the full spectrum of consciousness. Resonates with the law of attraction, for powerful manifesting. Recalibrates and elevates the vibration of all quartzes. Opens the third eye and perception of the endless possibilities and beauty of life.

selenite crystal bracelets | paradise found santa barbara
Selenite Crystal Bracelets

Selenite | Clear energy blockages and align the chakras with Selenite. Use this crystal to quiet the mind and stabilize the emotions. Perfect crystal for clearing our own energy fields, as well as clearing crystals, homes, and other sacred spaces. Selenite activates the crown chakra and helps bring the wisdom of the higher self onto the mental plane so we can continue to evolve with more confidence. Brings about calming and centering energy while maintaining strong presence of mind.

Raise your vibrations and power your rituals with sacred stones from around the world.
Bring the earth’s beauty and energetic strength into your practice with an inspired collection of crystals and gemstones at Paradise

Ritual Inspirations for Summer Solstice | Wednesday 6/21, 7:57 AM

"The Summer Solstice represents the transition from action to nourishment. As the days grow longer, the Sun gives our bodies and the plants around us more lifegiving energy. We can bask in the summer glow and recharge our spirits with light. As our physical world is nurtured by the Sun, so is our spiritual world. Summer and the light it brings remind us that there is hope in the world. They also teach us that we each carry a light within that can spread to the far reaches of the globe to inspire others. We can nurture those around us, just as the Sun nurtures us.

The Solstice brings a shift of light and a change in season. Wherever you are in the world, Solstice marks a turning point. To welcome this pivotal point in the year, consider partaking in some nourishing rituals."

~Chani Nicholas

Here are a handful of Ritual Inspirations...

~Build a Summer Solstice altar - You can create an altar anywhere, indoor or out. If it's time to refresh your personal altar, this is a good time to do that. Use a fresh, brightly colored altar cloth. It's traditional to decorate your Summer Solstice altar with an abundance of fresh flowers and a candle, preferably white, yellow or orange. If you have symbols of the summer season, this is a good time to bring them out into the light. (We'Moon, Solstice Celebration)

~Do something you love - Art, game playing, snacking, love-making, hiking. Your imagination is the limit!

~Stand outside and say a blessing for the Earth, at this special time on the longest day of the year:

"The sun is high above us
shining down upon the land and sea,
making things grow and bloom.
Great and powerful sun,
we honor you this day
and thank you for your gifts.
Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus, Aten, Svarog,
you are known by many names.
You are the light over the crops,
the heat that warms the earth,
the hope that springs eternal,
the bringer of life.
We welcome you, and we honor you this day,
celebrating your light."
~Patti Wigington,

Summer Solstice Meditation at Sunrise

Thanks to Lena Schmidt at for this sunrise meditation:

"Try celebrating the summer solstice with a seated meditation at sunrise. The benefits of meditation, such as building focus and finding stress relief, are enhanced when your mind is free and clear before the stresses of the day have crept in. Arising before, or with, the sun is a recommended wellness tip from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom as well as modern health coaches. Watching sunlight streaming in through the window in the morning allows your body and mind to awaken naturally. Begin the long solstice day with a few minutes (or an hour if you have time!) of silence and contemplation.

How to Practice

~Arise anywhere from one hour to even just ten minutes before the sun rises.

~Find a comfortable seat facing the direction of the rising sun (east). If you are able to go outside, do that. If you are inside, set yourself up to see the first light.

~Begin with several cleansing breaths to get settled. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then find an even inhale and exhale.

~Close your eyes or find a soft gaze.

~Feel your body on the ground. Notice what sensations arise as you sit.

~Allow yourself to be still. Continue to breathe evenly.

~Observe any thoughts in your mind. Give yourself permission to be present with what is and to let go of anything unnecessary for the moment.

~As you sit and breathe, connect with the rising of your breath just like the rising of the sun. With each inhale, imagine you are breathing in pure, warm light. With each exhale, imagine that pure, warm light pouring into your body. This light carries with it potential, possibility, and new perspectives.

~As the sunlight grows brighter, you may open your eyes to witness the rising sun. If it is too bright, simply close your eyes lightly again.

~Sit as long as is comfortable for you—breathing in pure, warm light and allowing it to pour into your body.

~You can come back to this feeling throughout the day to remain centered and calm.

~As you feel ready, open your eyes and continue with your day."

“As the sun captures the top of the sky, we crest the day with exuberance, hand ourselves over to the juice, to wild swims, the silken overlap of petal on petal, open faced flowers loved by bees, their centres easy to reach…”
~Debra Hall © Mother Tongue Ink 2021
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