New Moon 28°25 Taurus | Friday 5/19/2023 at 8:53 am PT

The New Moon in Taurus calls us back to our roots and motivates us to get grounded and centered, as beings of spirit anchoring light in the physical realm. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus also brings up questions of love and emotions...

I stand firm in my soul's truth; I am exactly where I need to be.
I nourish my inner stability; I am home wherever I am.
The universe is full of surprises, and I embrace this fact with my entire being.

New Moon 28°25 Taurus | Friday 5/19/2023 at 8:53 am PT

"As an Earth sign ruled by Venus, Taurus brings us foundational energy. With these vibrations, we can create anything we focus our attention on. This season is a time to find stillness, connect with the Earth around us, and feel the abundance already present in our lives...Throughout this season, look for opportunities to uncomplicate your life, slow down, and find stillness.

Taurus connects us with nature and reminds us that we are always supported by her strength. Step outside and feel the wind on your face, dip your bare feet in warm soil, and listen carefully to the song of the birds around you. Drop into pure presence by connecting with nature. Let this connection bring you back to the simple pleasures of life. Watch the Sun set, see the Moon rise, and lie beneath the stars. Allow these little moments to open your heart and remind you that you are held by the big Universe you are a part of"

~Spirit Daughter

"The New Moon May 19th at 28 degrees of Taurus will offer us several days to explore our deeper intuitive and creative natures. More light offers us a new look at what has always surrounded us. A softer sound soothes the weary heart. The aroma of gratitude fills our lungs. We taste the enthusiasm for change as we touch each other with kindness...

Trusting that we know how to navigate our new environment may take a little time. Taurus however makes sure that whatever we learn ‘is established’. Taurus does appreciate stability, security and usually takes things slowly. So, when it comes to the ultimate leap of faith required to forge ahead, we can be sure of being guided by a profound knowing that comes from deep within." 

~Anna Chapman, from "On the Precipice of Light." Read the full article

Crystals for the New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus calls us back to our roots and motivates us to get grounded and centered, as beings of spirit anchoring light in the physical realm. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus also brings up questions of love and emotions, and draws our attention to the heart chakra. Here are three helpful crystals to have at your side:

1. Flower Agate | A gently nurturing stone, Flower Agate brings the pragmatic, grounded energy of Earth signs into the service of personal growth. Gives your intentions a loving energetic boost and a helping hand. Known to activate, open, and heal the Heart and Root Chakras, Flower Agate opens us to inspiration, establishes inner peace, and fosters empathy.

moss agate | paradise found santa barbara

2. Moss Agate | Calms the monkey mind and helps bring about a centered state of balance. Gently press the reset button on emotional agitation of muddled thinking, take a big breath, and start afresh! Moss Agate also goes helps unblock your heart chakra, allowing high-vibrational love energy to flow smoothly and freely.

green calcite | paradise found santa barbara

3. Green Calcite | A light green stone for opening the heart chakra and connecting with the infinite source of Love within. Clarify matters of the heart, re-connect with your higher purpose, and get in touch with the power of Nature's constant renewal, development, and creation! Green Calcite is a crystal of repose, and refreshing the spirit after spending time out in the hectic energy of the world--and coming through with tranquility and restored balance.

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Come Back into the Body with a Quick Sensory Check-in

"As an earth sign, Taurus energy is stabilizing and grounding. Taurus is a sign that calls you to connect to the earth to bring forth abundance, in both a literal and a metaphorical sense.

Taurus energy embodies stability and richness, and as you plant your intentions beneath this Taurus New Moon, don't forget to give thanks for the earthly pleasures already present around you."
~Autumn Seibel, Golden Otter Divinations
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Because Taurus is such a physical sign, this is a good time to get in touch with your body, and find ways to be in the present moment, enjoying the physical plane of existence.

Take heart from the words of spiritual visionary Pierre Teilhard de Chardin "You are a spiritual being having a human experience". The human experience can be full of beauty and small miracles, if we are awake, aware, and ready to notice them!

Looking for a way to bring you back into the present moment? Therapist Holly Schweitzer Dunn, LISW, recommends a quick check in with your senses. Briefly ask yourself:

What am I hearing right now?
What do I see?
What do I taste?
What do I feel touching my body or skin?
What do I smell?

Taking the time to simply notice, without judgment, what you are experiencing can take you out of habitual patterns of fearing the future (anxiety) or reliving the past (depression). Pair this with a few deep belly breaths, expanding the belly on the inhale and letting the belly fall on the exhale, to help you “reset” the nervous system.

~exercise from Holly Schweitzer Dunn, LISW

"The beauty of the trees,
the softness of the air,
the fragrance of the grass
speaks to me.

The summit of the mountain,
the thunder of the sky,
the rhythm of the sea,
speaks to me...

And my heart soars."
~Chief Dan George
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