New Moon in Virgo 21°58' | Thursday 9/14/23 at 6:39 pm PT

"A little too abstract, a little too wise,
It is time for us to kiss the earth again,
It is time to let the leaves rain from the skies,
Let the rich life run to the roots again."
~Robinson Jeffers

New Moon in Virgo 21°58' | Thursday 9/14/23 at 6:39 pm PT

"From the fires of Leo Season, we meet the grounded energy of Virgo. Ruled by Earth, Virgo Season ushers in a period of transition as we move from summer to fall and feel our energy settle and refine. This period gives us a foundation to rest upon as we process the events of the past and future. It allows us to organize our lives after the chaotic burst of energy Leo Season often brings.

The past four weeks gave us time to define and feel who we really are in this world. Virgo Season brings us an opportunity to show up as that person and realize our inherent self-worth. It is a time to let go of self-doubt, perfectionism, and self-criticism as we step into our potential in this lifetime. Virgo’s energy helps us embrace our authentic self realized in Leo Season while accepting it with compassion, forgiveness, and strength."


"Remember the grounding force of Virgo energy that holds this New Moon. Virgo is the sign of the virgin, which in this context, is not about sexual experience but rather, wholeness and completion. It represents knowing that we are always whole. We are the entire Universe manifesting in a human shell. We are complete and we need nothing outside of ourselves in order to tune in and connect with this powerful reservoir of Source energy that lives within.

Virgo energy teaches us that we are Source, we are the Universe, we are One with all of it, and when we can recognize that, we can tune in and connect with the power that comes along with it. We can find our personal power and know that no storm is ever too wild for us to move through. So, sink your feet into the Earth. Allow yourself to feel connected to the Source energy within and all around you. Allow this connection to trigger your innate power. Know you are whole."


"Superlative is a word that calls us out. We aspire to the highest quality, the best. We raise the bar when we shed our attachment to anything that looks like old structure. We do this now as a result of having out lived the old structure. We aspire to be free of structure. Not replacing the old with something derived from the rubble. We are open to ‘it’ filling us. There is nothing to look for, search for or contrive.

The New Moon on September 14th in Virgo at 21 degrees 59 minutes lends us energy for superlative expression. The very nature of the new moon is “setting off a new cycle of light" ( New light, the dawn is an opportunity to allow things to materialize from the mist. At dawn even the horizon line is hidden. Without even the most basic of definition we wait. Enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation for what arises. This is what a New Moon elicits."

~Anna Chapman, "Distilling the Dream"

Embracing Mother Earth | Crystals for the New Moon in Virgo

"Let us thank the Earth
That offers ground for home
And holds our feet firm
To walk in space open
To infinite galaxies."
~John O'dohonue, To Bless the Space Between Us

The New Moon in Virgo is a time for working with the element of Earth, and feeling into your connection with nature. Go beyond the superficial and seek authentic purpose, embrace the beauty of imperfection, and bring back wisdom from the mountaintop.

Moss Agate | Agates are very stable on a molecular level, and make good stones for grounding and stabilizing physical energy. Moss Agate is strongly connected with nature, it refreshes the soul and opens your eyes to see beauty in your surroundings. It is a stone for new beginnings, and loosening energetic blockages. Creating a pathway between the intellectual and intuitive, Moss Agate may help you draw on your greatest strengths, and expand your capabilities in new areas, inspiring new ideas and improving self-esteem. Moss Agate Crystals | Enchanted Love Soap with Moss Agate | Sacred Sanctuary Star Essence Spray with Frankincense, Fir & Moss Agate

Picture Jasper | Of all the earthy, nurturing stones of the Jasper family, Picture Jasper is said to be the Earth Month speaking to her children, containing a message from the past, and helping to bring feelings to the surface to be released and learned from. Helps bring stability and balance, alleviating geopathic and environmental stress, and bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony with the Earth. Picture Jasper Bracelets

Green Aventurine | Encourages decisiveness and confidence, & practical thinking that Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, demands during this time. Get in tune with the organization habits and tools that actually lead to an increase in your overall wellbeing, and which ones are just busy-work. Call on Green Aventurine to open your heart and align with the natural patterns that support your best self. Aventurine Crystals | Flourishing Garden Soap with Green Aventurine | Aventurine Pendant | Aventurine Bracelets

Raise your vibrations and power your rituals with sacred stones from around the world.
Bring the earth’s beauty and energetic strength into your practice with an inspired collection of crystals and gemstones.

Fall Equinox & Mabon Altar Remaking

"Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds."

The wheel of the year turns and we approach the Fall Equinox on Friday, September 22nd. Also called Mabon, this is the second harvest in the wheel of the year, as it follows August's first harvests. Here are some inspirations for renewing and remaking your altar to honor this season, to center our hearts, remove some things and add some new or cherished items. To anchor ourselves in the present, and bring new energy to our space, and delight in the nuances of the changing year:

• A deep colored cloth of fall’s crimson, amber, bronze,& fiery golds.
• Items to represent all the elements—earth, air, fire, water.
Some soil, a feather, your candle, and as mall bowl of water are simple selections.
• Abundant fruits such as apples, apricots, or pomegranates.
• Gourds and pumpkins of all shapes and colors.
• Fall leaves, dried seedpods or grapevines. Bones, feathers, or bark.
• Stones of tourmaline, amber, topaz, lapis lazuli, & clear quartz.
• Personal spiritual items such as deities, amulets, talismans, or images.
• Something to represent both the feminine and masculine.

Above all, make it a delight to gather items and create your altar. Simple is lovely. As is over-the-top elaborate. Let it be who you are.

~Mabon Inspiration from Magic Fairy Candles

“But the sea
which no one tends
is also a garden”    
~William Carlos Williams,  Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems
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