Pleasure Queen Festival 2022 | Hostessed by our Intuitive Reader Kris Seraphine!

Free 3-day virtual Goddess Festival: 5/13, 5/14 & 5/15 FROM 10:00-11:30AM PDT. Join Kris and her co-creators for 3 days of Goddess initiations, manifesting codes & luminous upgrades to take you from stressed & fatigued to calm & totally lit up!

Our reader Kris Seraphine will be hostessing a free 3-day virtual goddess festival!
When: 5/13, 5/14 & 5/15 from 10-11:30 am PDT
Where: Online-Sign up here-There's still time to sign up!
All participants will receive a re-play of all 3 days, so you can watch any sessions you can't attend live.

In this luscious 3 day virtual goddess festival you will:

~Learn how to tell new stories and transform your trauma into wisdom with Goddess energy and superpowers.

~Know and own your power as you connect with who you are and the Divine Feminine.

~Fall in love with yourself more than ever.

~Release feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus every day, and shift into a Queen who rides the successful train of love, abundance, and vibrant health.

Festival Day #1:

Opening Ritual to Kick Off The Festival

Anointing Ceremony to set the Sacred Space for our Pleasure Vortex.

Take the Pleasure Queen Vow.

Meet Our Goddess Council:

Isis, Lalita, Lilith, Pele, Aphrodite, Lakshmi

Festival Day #2:

Self-Love Spells

Dark Goddess Initiations With

Pele & Lilith.

Erotic Sovereignty Code With Isis.

Lalita Body Puja Ritual.

Festival Day #3:

Closing Ritual to Venerate & Call in our Deepest Desires

Abundance Initiation With Lakshmi.

Love & Beauty Codes of Aphrodite.

Chant 'Song of the Siren' Spell.

This restorative & rejuvenating virtual festival will help untether you from the patriarchal grind and bring back the passion and pleasure that have evaporated from your life so you can manifest miracles.

It's time to take up space.
Receive healing energy of the Goddess and rise to your potential.
Never Forget ... You Are A Queen!

Meet Kris Seraphine

Kris Seraphine, Ph.D is a clairvoyant since childhood, a channel of the sacred feminine, author and a business & life coach who inspires creative, magical women to embody their unique feminine essence so they can bring in more prosperity, joy and sensuality into their lives.

Click here to book a phone or zoom reading with Kris!

Call (805)564-3573 for in-person readings 1-5pm Tuesday 5/24 and 5/31.

Check out Kris' latest article: "Finding Your Sovereign Self With Goddess Lilith"
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